Microsoft Azure IoT Developer Training and Certification course Available Online for Free
Microsoft Azure IoT Developer Certification course Available Online Free

For many, this quarantine period has turned out to be a learning opportunity. With flexible schedules, people are taking out time to learn what they always wanted but couldn’t due to various work and other commitments. For developers and students, who want to get their hands on everything Internet of Things (IoT), Microsoft has announced that its Azure IoT Developer Speciality Training and certification course is now officially available online. The bonus point? It’s free.

The announcement was done at Build 2020. The platform was unveiled earlier in January but was available only in beta. As an Azure IoT Developer, one gets to work with data engineers and other partners to ensure business integration along an IoT device’s entire life cycle. One also gets an opportunity to be in charge of designing Azure IoT solutions like the device’s topology, connectivity, debugging, and, most importantly, security. One also learns how to ensure the device works seamlessly when networking on the edge

For those who want to sign up for the course, it is recommended by Microsoft to have some level of experience using Azure’s services using its IoT solutions. One must also be familiar with the code portion of an IoT solution in at least one of the languages that Azure supports like C#, Node, C, and Python.

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