Mission Global Citizen!
The Finest Education Providers in Malaysia 2022

“I have no country to fight for: my country is the earth, and I am a citizen of the world.” – Eugene V. Debs

After World War II ended, the world has witnessed many significant changes. Let that be the formation of the United Nations Organisation or the emergence of newly independent states. The authoritarian power swiftly shifted from monarchy to the common people.

In this major power shift across the world, people realised the importance of education. Why is it important? Why is it necessary for the younger generation to know about history, values, languages, and truth? Along with several other questions that still required answering, it was all narrowed down to one thing, education!

When the predominant educational schools, institutes, and colleges stepped ahead to provide quality education, the entrepreneurial lens magnified the need to enhance the education system and demanded new educational institutes.

As the education sector was still new to this then-modern world, the concept of being a ‘Global Citizen’ was incepted into people’s minds around the globe. Though a certain population opposed it, it was however accepted by the world with grace. It was difficult for the governments to take and implement this tricky task. The education system was again brought into the limelight, and it immediately became the unasked responsibility for the education system to make the upcoming generations global citizens.

Narrowing it down to some of the then weaker economies of the world, Malaysia rose to be one of the fastest-growing economies while being strongly diversified. Quality education was recognised as the major factor in the country’s rapid growth.

Now that all the pieces have fallen into place, the education sector in Malaysia made the long-forgotten dream of ‘Global Citizen’ their mission. For its new edition to find ‘The Finest Education Providers in Malaysia, 2021’, the Knowledge Review magazine came across various colleges and institutes that aim to make this world a global village.

We came across a number of colleges contributing to the dream of ‘Global Citizen’, be it the Asian Tourism International Colleges that aims to enhance the hospitality and tourism industry or The International School of Penang that has made its mission to improve the education sector in the country. However, all these colleges we encountered for this edition have something in common to make every individual the global citizen of the world.

In this edition, you will come across some of the colleges, schools, and institutes providing the finest education in Malaysia while contributing to the shared vision. Hoping that you will find what you are looking for in this edition and have a happy, insightful read.

  • Ashlesh Khadse

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