Mitesh Patel- A Seasoned Fashion Influencer Driven to Make a Difference
Mitesh Patel |Foreverkm

The Indian fashion industry is evolving with leaps and bounds. It is witnessing the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies and innovative techniques to ensure the delivery of better products. With the objective of creating a unique and lasting style statement many fashion influencers are emerging to take the centre stage.

They create fashion content and possess the ability to influence the opinion and purchase behaviour of the audience with their recommendations. These influencers are endorsed by renowned brands. Accordingly, they attend fashion shows, parties, designer dinners, exclusive trips, and social media, to promote the fashion products.

Fashion influencers are identified as new celebrity endorsements. However, they have closer relationships with their audience than traditional celebrities. They interact with their audiences across multiple platforms and channels through photos, videos, stories, live sessions, and so on. This creates a form of closeness between the influencers and their audience or followers.

Through influencer marketing, fashion brands take advantage of the reach and positive reputation of the influencers. They help in spreading the messages of any brand, create awareness, create a positive image of any brand, and increase sales by tagging fashion brands in their posts.

The top fashion influencers play an important part in ensuring the success of any brand. At times, they act as the official face of any brand, which in turn, creates a sense of identity among the customers, and is beneficial for any brand.

One such renowned personality in the fashion industry who is making massive impact is none other than Mitesh Patel, the Founder of Foreverkm. Also renowned as ‘Meet Poser,’ he has a fan following of more than 1,66,000 people on Instagram. He is a powerful influencer and has collaborated with big brands over the globe.

A Transformational Journey

Mr. Mitesh is a believer in choosing one’s own passion. He is of the opinion that focusing on one’s passion and transforming that passion into a profession can be challenging. However, if one puts their heart and soul into the task, then no force can stop them from being successful. Similar things also happened to Mr. Mitesh, who decided to transform social media from merely a source of entertainment and leisure into a successful career.

Mr. Mitesh started his journey as an influencer in 2015 by using social media as a creative outlet. He used this platform to share about his fashion inspiration on a day-to-day basis. Mr. Mitesh has keen eyes for detail and the ability to catch up with trends. This eventually led him to be discovered by many fashion fanatics and brands alike. Since then, he has been working hard to bring forth the best fashion content.

A Prominent Name in the Fashion Industry

Born and brought up in Gujrat, Mr. Mitesh is an allrounder and one of the top fashion influencers. He is a businessman by profession and also works as a full-time employee in a company. Mr. Mitesh also writes influential and creative blogs.

He is a hard-working personality, and over the years, he has worked as a photographer and has also mastered all the skills required to be a fashion influencer. Furthermore, for the period of 3 years and 6 months, he observed and analysed the algorithm of Instagram, which helped him succeed in an impressive manner, as till now he has endorsed over 500 brands.

Mr. Mitesh is considered as one of the top three influencers and focuses on the content that delivers knowledge to his audience. He has an impressive fan following because his content concentrates on brands, the minute details of the outfits, clothing, which can be worn in different seasons, the new trends of fashion in men’s lifestyle, videos of different hairstyles. Overall, he believes in providing tips and techniques of fashion to his audience. Owing to his passion, Mr. Mitesh is not only able to inspire and influence the audience, but also earn a handsome amount Rs 50,000-60,000 every month including brand endorsements. Over the span of four years, he has been successfully taking his career to newer heights through his dedicated endeavours.

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