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MJ Shekhar | Founder | Sr. Makeup Artist | MJ Gorgeous Makeup & Academy

Grooming appropriately speaks volumes about one’s personality than just making one look good. It creates a lasting impression. Grooming, just like beauty, is not skin deep. MJ Gorgeous Makeup & Academy at Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru not just emphasises on looking presentable and impressionable but also on the inner growth and well-being in order to reflect one’s original personality. Its Founder and Sr. Makeup Artist, MJ Shekhar not only focuses on grooming for the clients and students but also establishes an emotional connect with them. She and her strong team of women power also provide counselling for various ups and downs in a women’s life.

The Academy

The idea of creativity germinated in us since childhood and then we got stuck with the world’s do’s and don’ts. We thought and convinced ourselves that we are doing amazingly well but the reality was we were not happy. We wanted to do something of our own with creativity given the first preference. This is an outcome of more than 10 years of journey. MJ Gorgeous Makeup & Academy has come together with blood and sweat and we cherish every moment of it. If you are considering us for your next event be assured that we are a team that works very passionately and puts quality first. Today we are one of the top makeup academies in Bengaluru delivering makeup courses and services with complete satisfaction.

We are a women-led organization, and we are stronger than ever, we believe in having an emotional and spiritual connection with clients and students. We give our best efforts to put up a great outcome. Apart from the makeup services, education and certification we provide free counselling sessions for women to help them sort out their lives and make everyday count. Beauty begins from within; you need to feel beautiful to be beautiful. Makeup just becomes the cherry on the cake.

The Beginning

Being the daughter of an IFS officer and having done my MBA, everyone around me had a different expectation. In my time no one dared to even dream of becoming a makeup artist. Find a corporate job, get married and settle down was what the world around me kept talking. It was lot of pressure!

I had this tremendous passion towards makeup and creativity but I was reading Philip Kotler and marketing strategies. One day I decided to quit my corporate job and pursue my passion full time and challenge my own status quo. My parents stood by me and supported wholeheartedly. I will always thank them for believing in me. I am in this industry since 2010 and now MJ Gorgeous has become a bigger brand than I anticipated.

The Driving Force

There is always something or someone behind one’s success. The biggest driving force is your own resolve to succeed and the reason behind it. My reason was not to earn money but to gain respect, intellectual freedom and the feeling of being independent. However, if it comes to one person without whom I would have never achieved what we are today then it will be definitely Vibhu Vaibhava who is the managing partner of MJ Gorgeous Makeup & Academy He is a family friend and a mentor. He is the biggest motivator you can ever come across.

Importance of Grooming

While we train students to become professional certified makeup artist there is another part of the business which handles customized personal grooming which has picked up lot of focus in the past 2-3 years. Our world is changing rapidly with social media where one is judged by the appearances quickly. You have got to look presentable and clean.

Impacts of Grooming

Be it an interview, board meeting or a typical social function, everyone wants to look their best. A well-groomed person becomes more approachable and confident. It is not about being beautiful, which is a past thing, it is all about how you can make yourself the best version of yourself.

Career Prospects

We provide a whole array of Professional Makeup Artist certification courses with basic to advance makeup, hairstyling and saree draping skills. We do not recommend picking a short-term course as a short cut. If you are interested in grooming yourself and others professionally, do the entire certification. While more and more people are becoming aware of their looks and presentation, this industry is on a fire and career options are rocketing high. There is just one condition to be successful – You have to be the best!

Rising Demand

The demand for personal grooming course is increasing every passing day. From CEOs to managing directors, housewives, students, brides and others, grooming courses are becoming popular to feel and look more confident.

Increasing Awareness

Of course! Thanks to social media and globalization, people are more aware of brands, products and trends. In US, people spend more on makeup products than on medical expenses. India is changing and so are the people. Look good feel good is the new mantra!

Importance of Appropriate Grooming

We always believed in holistic approach, to look beautiful you must feel beautiful. This is the reason why we run free counselling services for women. We discuss and coach our clients with their problems, roadblocks and overall attempt to put them on a pedestal where they feel liberated from within. We are active in social media and NGOs working for women where we try to create awareness on grooming, hygiene and financial independence. We are LGBT friendly and support everyone without any judgement.


Our biggest achievements are our students. Our motive is to ensure every student who passes out from our academy becomes financially stable. We have never believed in celebrity endorsement or affiliations. We ride solo and our biggest inspiration is our clients and our students. Nonetheless MJ Gorgeous Makeup and Academy is one the busiest, most reviewed and popular academy in South India. We have students coming here to study across the country and we just love them and realize our responsibilities even more. MJ Gorgeous Makeup and Academy is a brand by itself.

Make Time for Yourself

All good things take time – be it working out, preparing for exam or cooking a sumptuous meal. Grooming should become part of your life and should not be looked like a separate entity. I can guarantee you looking awesome will never hurt!

Industry During the Lockdown

Lockdown period was new to all of us. We had absolutely no idea how the future would unfold. However, we saw a sudden surge of request where students wanted to learn new skills while working from home. Many wanted to learn a new skill to support the family while others started looking at this profession as a career change. Many requests came for online classes and many wanted to come out of their houses and learn in person. There is nothing to complain!

Hands-on Training vis-a-vis Online Classes

We do not take online classes as a choice since Makeup or personal grooming is more intimate and interpersonal skill that has to be learnt in front of the instructor. We would never recommend online classes for such courses. We want to connect with our clients as humans not as a skype bots.

Personal Touch

Our academy treats every student differently rather than having a carpet approach. We understand our student’s strength and weaknesses and work from the grassroot level which can include moral, emotional and counselling support.

Future Plan

We are looking forward to expanding our academy in a direction which is women-centric and specially caters to them. We have plan to start our branches in other states of India due to growing demand.

For further details you can visit our website – www.mjgorgeous.com Contact us on – 968 645 5376

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