Modifications in Education Needed for the Future Generations
Modifications in Education

After all that we have faced due to Covid-19, everybody is rethinking about their lifestyle, way of business, standard of living, method of education, etc. We are all facing new opportunities as well as challenges each day. For a while now, educators all over the globe have been rethinking ways to educate the future generations.

The question here now is that what and how things need to be taught to the future generations. During the pandemic time, educators are grappling new ways of communicating with the students outside the classrooms. This time should be used to reflect on how this disruptive crisis can help formulate learning for generations to come.

The Covid-19 crisis has taught us that the education all over the world needs to change once-in-a-while to help the young learners prepare for what the future might hold for them. Some ways to change this are:

1. An Interconnected World: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have all known how the world is interconnected and there are no such things as isolated issues. In the coming decades, successful people need to know the interrelatedness and navigate across boundaries to work efficiently.

2. Redefining the Role of An Educator: As a knowledge holder, the educator is the one who imparts wisdom to the young generation. However, this knowledge is no longer fit for the 21st century. All the knowledge in the world is available on the Internet and eliminates the need for an educator. Hence, the need to redefine their role is vital.

3. Teaching Life Skills: This ever-changing environment requires young people to possess qualities like resilience, adaptability, etc. These skills are proving to be very essential to navigate effectively through pandemic times like these. With the unforeseeable future ahead, it can be said that employers will be looking for important skills like creativity, communication, collaboration, empathy, etc.

4. Technology Tailor-made to Deliver Education: Remote learning for students of all sectors has proven to be very important. Educators are currently using any available suite of technology to fulfill their needs. New modes of instruction need to be invented.

We must keep in mind, that education should be considered as a dynamic concept rather than a static one. Right now, we have all witnessed what uncertainty feels like. Considering this pandemic as a lesson, we should restructure the education system according to the constantly changing world. Remember, by every minute, there is something new happening in the world and the old is diminishing.

-Shreevarshita Gupta

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