MOE Responds to Concerns Regarding Israel-Hamas Lesson Material in Schools
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In response to parents’ concerns about Israel-Hamas lesson material in schools, the Ministry of Education (MOE) clarified that these lessons aim to create a safe space for students to learn about the conflict. This statement follows reported concerns expressed by parents. The MOE further mentioned that teachers are instructed not to impose their personal views on students while teaching about the subject.

In response to parental inquiries about lesson materials on the Israel-Hamas conflict, the Ministry of Education (MOE) acknowledged concerns raised by parents. Several parents expressed their disappointment on social media, and comments on Education Minister Chan Chun Sing’s and MOE’s Facebook pages criticized the lessons. Open letters to the MOE highlighted that students received information deemed “lacking in accurate narration of historical events.” Allegedly, attempts by students to correct misinformation were “ignored, shut down, or, worse, punished.”

In a press release on February 23rd, responding to the expressed concerns, the Ministry of Education (MOE) clarified that the inclusion of lesson material aimed to create a safe space for students to comprehend the complex situation. The objective is to encourage students to form their own perspectives, embrace diverse viewpoints, and critically assess information related to the issue.

Moreover, the lesson material is designed to aid students in understanding the situation from Singapore’s standpoint, emphasizing the importance of maintaining cohesion and harmony within the country. MOE emphasized that teachers undergo training to employ age-appropriate methods, ensuring students from upper primary to pre-university levels can appreciate various aspects of the issue. These methods also facilitate sensitive and respectful discussions among students.

“During the delivery of these lessons, our educators refrain from imposing their personal opinions on students,” stated the Ministry of Education (MOE). “Furthermore, they do not endorse or advocate for the interests of any specific parties engaged in the conflict.”

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