Montessori Academy Bangkok International School: A Structured Environment for Optimal Childhood Development

MABIS aims to nurture confident, independent, and compassionate human beings by providing the tools and experience that children need to embark on rich, meaningful journeys and become responsible citizens of the world.

Montessori is a unique, child-centered method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and cooperative play. This approach supports the natural development of children in a conducive environment which values the human spirit and the development of the child as a whole.

Established in 2010, the Montessori Academy Bangkok International School (MABIS) is a pioneer of Montessori education in the Thai capital. It is also one of the first International Schools to offer a comprehensive and authentic Montessori curriculum for children as young as toddlers all the way through to elementary school.

MABIS’s vision is to support children’s love for learning by providing rich, meaningful learning experiences that help them to fulfill their unique potential. The school believes that all children can reach that potential and cultivate a sense of responsibility for a better society if they are nurtured by a proper support system.

MABIS gives each child the respect and freedom to pursue their passions. It also affords them the opportunity to be independent and develop their capabilities while overcoming challenges and exploring the world around them.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure and Facilities

MABIS supports extra-curricular activities ranging from sports to music to science. On the campus, there is a multi-purpose sports hall, a soccer field, a swimming pool, outdoor and indoor play areas, and an auditorium. The school also has an organic garden, dance and art studios, several music studios, a library, and classrooms that are fully-equipped with Montessori teaching materials.

Every MABIS classroom is designed to meet the growing needs of each child at the school.

A Versatile Leader

Serene Jiratanan is the Founder and Principal of MABIS. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Cornell University, a Master’s in Business Administration from MIT Sloan, and a Master’s in Early Childhood Education from Pacific Oaks College. She also holds AMI Montessori teaching certifications for children ages 0-3 years, 3-6 years and 6-12 years.

Serene was a Montessori parent herself and fell in love with its creative pedagogy when she lived in Beijing. That experience inspired her to leave behind a successful corporate career and start MABIS when she moved back to Bangkok with her family.

Serene is a self-motivated, resourceful and enthusiastic teaching professional with a genuine interest in fostering students’ cognitive and social growth.

Exceptional Academic Programs and Pedagogy

MABIS believes in a holistic approach to learning and emphasizes on all aspects of an individual’s development – physical, intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional.

MABIS offers a well-rounded and enjoyable learning experience delivered through a trilingual Montessori program. Under the Language Immersion Program, students from Preschool to Grade Six learn English, Mandarin, and Thai in an environment that provides them with the opportunity to gain fluency in all three languages.

MABIS uses a combination of beautiful classrooms and a mixed-age community of learners to allow children to learn from one another. The school has an innovative curriculum that is supported by this rich and multi-sensory learning environment. It provides special didactic materials that engage children in learning in an interdisciplinary and a multiple intelligence approach.

Moreover, children do not only acquire a solid foundation in traditional academic skills of literacy and mathematics but are also exposed to the study of zoology, botany, geography, and history, even at the kindergarten level.

Every MABIS lead teacher is Montessori-certified and chosen specifically for their passion, dedication, and experience in delivering the highest-quality Montessori programs. In addition to the lead teacher who delivers lessons in English, each classroom is supplemented with two additional teachers in support of the Mandarin and Thai language immersion program.

MABIS arranges regular field trips for students so they can connect concepts learned in the classroom to examples in the real world. Past field trips have included an exploration of a dinosaur dig site in Kalasin province, a visit to the largest observatory in Southeast Asia, star gazing from Thailand’s highest peak in Chiang Mai, and panning for gems and learning about the gem mining process in Chantaburi.

Facilitating Lifelong Success

MABIS gives its students a solid, reliable foundation upon which to continue their education.  The school’s alumni have been admitted to various renowned education institutes in Bangkok like Bangkok Patana, NIST, Concordian International School, St. Andrews, KIS, the International School of Bangkok, and the International Community School and also overseas such as The Montessori School of Tokyo and International Montessori School in Hong Kong.

MABIS is currently in the process of expanding its program to include middle school and high school Montessori education.

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