Mr Debraj Banerjee: Igniting Fire in Future Business Leaders
Mr Debraj Banerjee

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.”

– Robin Sharma

From the time of antiquity, innovative changes have made human life easier and more beautiful. The world has witnessed, embraced and imbibed changes to enhance their standard of living as well as their economic status in society.

This has resulted in a highly competitive and advanced era. And, coping with such an advanced world, the young generation must incorporate the skills and abilities that make them stand out in the competition.

Having said that, there are several live illustrations in the world who made tremendous changes in the corporate, education and various other sectors. At the same time, the corporate and education industries are co-related, acknowledging that industrial advancements significantly impact pedagogical space.

As corporate industry always strives and implies technological advancements that influence the education sector. Catering to emerging needs, the institutions have to raise their academic standards and necessitate specific training and certification courses to meet corporate demand.

Ensuring that Mr Debraj Banerjee has been assisting changes in the education space and the International School of Management Studies (ISMS) institute. He is post-graduated in management and has 20 years of experience in the education space. And throughout his life, he has been a highly optimistic and self-disciplined individual.

As an incredible institute leader, he emphasizes introducing foreign education in ISMS. The initiative of Mr Debraj and the institute helps the Indian students; they can leverage the various learning opportunities and provides hands-on experience.

ISMS also offers an ‘Earning while Learning’ opportunity to students where they can pursue their second MBA degree in the UK with a post-study work permit.

In pursuit of India’s Most Passionate Education Influencers, 2023, we, The Knowledge Review, come across the path of Mr Debraj Banerjee, the Group Head of the ISMS institute.

While interviewing him, we apprehend his career’s incredible journey; he also mentions the ISMS institute’s story and future vision and missions.

Read ahead for in-depth and insightful information about Mr Debraj and ISMS institute.

Mr Debraj Banerjee- A Buoyant Personality

With 20 years of experience in the education industry, Mr Debraj has always been highly optimistic and self-disciplined. He has completed his postgraduation in management; after his education, he has been involved with prominent industry giants like Siemens Information System Ltd, SQL Star International Limited, ICFAI, and SSI Limited.

Apart from these industries, he has worked in various education segments, including Distance Learning, IT Training (Retail and Corporate), HighEnd Training (SAP), and many others. He has been actively involved in chalking out strategies and implementing the same and has achieved many accolades from his employers throughout his career.

Evolution of the Idea and Ignition of ISMS

While communicating about the evolution of the ISMS institute idea, Mr Debraj notes, “Indian students are capable of excelling all over the globe. But still, there is a lack of awareness among students about pursuing an international degree.”

ISMS Pune started its journey with the aim of introducing foreign education to Indian students. Constituting the same, the institute introduced MBA International (Dual Certification Twinning Program) to provide foreign education at an affordable cost.

The twinning MBA program enables students to study on a dual campus along with dual certifications, as it adds significant value to their academic qualifications. The students also get systematic study culture, understanding of the subjects, critical awareness of current problems, and new insights.

The ISMS also offer multiple options to move to UK universities. The institute’s inclusive MBA program enables students to pursue a management degree with hands-on experience, which also imparts an ‘Earning while Learning’ opportunity. The students can also explore various work opportunities in the UK and postwork study permits.

While mentioning the ISMS institute’s journey, Mr Debraj says, “We also introduced Masters in Sports Business Management (Twinning Program) for the students who want to explore their career in the sports business industry.”

The Master’s in Sports Business Management program collaborates with Leeds Beckett University; it encourages students to pursue a career in sports with a combination of theory-based and practical learning.

With extraordinary sports facilities and the special advantage of Leeds’s Sports Volunteering Program, the institute has organized global events such as the Olympics, World Athletics Championships and Commonwealth Games that offer permanent career opportunities to students.

Inspiring Vision and Mission Statement

Sketching down the vision and mission of the institute, Mr Debraj states, “MBA is a lucrative career option, which always remains in high demand and will be in demand forever. But still, the employability ratio for MBA is low. One of the main reasons behind this problem is the lack of focus of the B- Schools towards empowering the students with relevant skills.”

While stating about vision and mission of ISMS, he further says, “International School of Management Studies (ISMS Pune) was founded to enrich and empower young management graduates, in academic excellence, exposing them to the business and industry world, providing them with relevant essential employability skills, core business ethics, core responsibilities, and service. Thus, we empower the students to become individuals with integrity, innovation ability, and a passion for business.”

“We aim to cultivate a passionate sense of business among our management students through applying managerial, academic knowledge and excellence. Encouraging students to pursue innovative pursuits along with managerial creativity, and guiding them to serve the industry and society with renewed inspiration, calibre, competence and compassion professionally and humanely,” further he adds.

Revolutionary Programs- A Way to Empower Students

After sharing the vision and mission statement of the institute, Mr Debraj shares the institute’s programs that provide excellent career opportunities to the students. He postulates, “We believe the root of any revolutionary idea starts with great quality education. That’s why we introduced MBA programs in affiliation with Savitribai Phule Pune University (Pune University) to provide quality education, life-changing training, and relatable skill development programs that are flexible and accessible to students from all over India.”

We have a PGP (Post-Graduate Programme) MBA (Triple Certification) program to empower students with practical experience and extraordinary career development, which helps the students to stand out in the corporate world,” he adds.

The PGP MBA program is based on a practical approach that provides students with winter and summer internships. It also offers hands-on experience to students before entering the corporate world.

Apart from the triple certification (MBA + PGP + Pearson UK), the program also provides more than ten certifications that help students to stand out in the competition.

The PGP MBA (Triple Certification) imparts the option to students to pursue their second MBA degree and optional study tour in the UK, which assists global exposure to students and imbibes UK’s dynamic work culture and academics.

While mentioning ISMS’s revolutionary programs, Mr Debraj states, “We also have MBA in Business and Innovation (Dual Certification) with employability training for the students who aspire to become a successful leader in the corporate world.”

Further, he says, “The program provides dual certification, extensive corporate exposure, life-changing training, various activities and summer internship programs that can change students’ life; it also enriches the knowledge and skills of the students so that they can become successful leaders.”

Holistic Development of MBA Graduates

While discussing the program that empowers MBA graduates, Mr Debraj highlights the activities that enhance the skills of graduates. He notes, “Retaining a job is harder than getting a job, and that is why the International School of Management Studies (ISMS Pune) emphasizes empowering MBA graduates with practical and relatable skills that not only help them to get placed but also to become a successful leader in the corporate world.”

Moreover, the institute conducts several local and outstation industrial visits, certification courses, and workshops by Indian and international corporate experts. The institute also conducts mock interviews and professional training to equip students with knowledge and ushers aptitude tests. While sharing the valuable information, Mr Debraj says, “ISMS Pune is changing the definition of MBA.”

“Not only that. We engage our students in specialization-based club activities, cultural, CSR, sports, and outbound activities to make students the young managers and leaders of tomorrow, empathetic employers, and socially responsible citizens. Meanwhile, we are focusing on their holistic personality development,” he further notes.

Future Roadmap of ISMS

Stretching the future of the institute, Mr Debraj asserts, “With outstanding qualities like international standard classrooms, experiential learning methodology, excellent faculties, global opportunity, professional training by industry experts, organizational and professional skill development program, earning while learning opportunity, workshops by corporate experts from India and abroad, numerous industrial visits, extensive industry partnerships, 100 per cent placement record with best in class ROI and more than 1000 success stories since its inception, the International School of Management Studies (ISMS Pune) will continue to be fond of inspiration through encouraging and developing the students emerging spirit of integrity, and we tirelessly work towards innovation,” concluded Mr Debraj.

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