Ms Gayathry S: An Epitome of Feminine Resilience
Ms Gayathry S
Ms Gayathry S

The world has been privileged enough to witness some of the most courageous stories and get inspired by them. Stories of men and women who worked their way out of their hardships and set an example for the rest of the world to follow.

Ms Gayathry S, the founder of Laurier consultancy, had seen the darkest days as a single mother, but even the biggest of the adversities known to humankind could dim the light of Gayathry’s courage. Throughout her career, she has explored her interests and eventually got settled in the profession which suited perfectly to her aura.

Ms Gayathry was the first child of her family with two girl siblings. She got married at an early age, and she was left deserted in the same year with a child. These difficult circumstances and the urge to prove herself ignited the spark to succeed in Ms Gayathry. She sculpted her life and completed her graduation in English Literature.

The circumstances did not allow her to get a full-time education, so she chose distance learning as an alternative option. She did not just stop there; Ms Gayathry went on to learn graphic design and slowly broke the barriers to become a working professional.

She joined as a designer in a DTP centre from there, moved to an MNC as Ceramic Tile Designer and was proud to be the only female ceramic tile designer in India. Due to her health condition, Spondylitis, she had to quit her design job. She also served as an HR in the same company. While working, she completed her Masters in English through distance education.

But the challenges were persistent as she had to maintain the right balance between her professional and personal life. Again, she had her second child even in her uncertain marital life and had been deserted again.

She then chose to become an entrepreneur, which aligned with her passion. She fixed her core competency as Trainer and Talent Acquisition specialist. She decided to do it as a business. She was asking a few of her friends for collaboration, and her partner Mr Riyaz Sheriff Ahamed, joined hands to start M/s. Laurier Consultancy Services LLP is an HR Consulting and Training Academy.

Addressing the Skill Gap with Laurier

While emerging as a business, the unprecedented times of the pandemic slowed down the progress of Laurier. Ms Gayathry wanted to address the skill gap which causes unemployability. After the pandemic, the need of the hour was a psychological approach to talent management which made her take up Neuro Linguistic Master Coach Certification, CBT and REBT therapist certification, and she is now a life transformation coach.

Today, Laurier is helping people to achieve their career goals with skill development using NLP techniques. Laurier is on a mission to help people to maintain sustainable development in building their livelihood with proper health and well-being.

Laurier helps people to achieve their career goals by taking their personality transitions without losing their mental well-being.

Building a Brand in Unprecedented Times

When Laurier was incorporated in the year 2020, it started consulting for talent acquisition and training solutions, but then came the pandemic, which totally closed the gates for the business; in another way, it opened the gate for virtual learning and the business was recognised by many of the colleges, and it had many opportunities to build its clientele.

Later during 2021 and 2022, the business tried placing many people, but due to the unpredictable situation, everyone wanted to choose the WFH option.

There the team decided not to work on recruitment anymore except on headhunting and senior profiles.

When it comes to skill development, people were not interested in making up extra efforts to develop themselves as they were expecting some more emergency situations and easy living. Institutions and Ed-Tech companies faced many problems because of this. Even in the virtual training, the business was not able to bring in footsteps. Bringing in new organisations was so easy, but it couldn’t find candidates to close those positions.

Resurrection of Laurier

The business was so dull, and again Ms Gayathry had to take up regular employment with an Ed-Tech company called MyOSConnect. She is still working for that company and also working for her firm with the proper understanding and guidance from the CEO.

But for the past two years, the team held business to withstand and come back. In 2023, she took a stand to restart her work, and now the business is an official member of the Indo-Baltic Chamber of Commerce, and it has signed up MOU with a few companies and focussed towards freshers’ placement and life transformations.

Putting the Next Generation on Right Track

The students of this era are very intelligent and powerful. They know more, and they explore more, but they may not always be on the right track. The majority of the students are unaware of their career paths and what they want to achieve in their lives. It is probably because they are under the wrong influence of distractions by technology and media.

Ms Gayathry believes that it is essential for every child from the age of 13 to start working toward their career goals. Before fixing a career goal, they should check whether that option aligns with their passion and ability. Many of the students hesitate or shy away from expressing their feelings and aspirations to their parents. Ms Gayathry motivates them to understand this fact at an early age so that working for their lifelong goals becomes easier.

According to Ms Gayathry, before choosing any career, students research the job and business opportunities in that particular study and know the market value and positioning of that study. Students should try to weigh their abilities and interest towards that career. If one chooses a career, one should get skilled and be an expert in it. Even if they are passionate and skilled, they should not hesitate to take up new roles and challenges.

Today’s technological transitions AI era requires people to multi-tasking and acceptance towards change management. Students should learn more from their own experience and should not follow the crowd perception.

Prioritising Mental Well-being

All these days, Ms Gayathry was fighting for her livelihood and career-building to make money and lead a happy life. But at no point she collapsed or took a step back from her goals; instead, she concentrated on her goals without losing her mental well-being.

Ms Gayathry wants all people to have the same view of their lives and build their careers without losing their mental well-being because, at the end of the day, everyone is working for happiness.

Ensuring the Same Pace in the Future

Laurier is planning to have a workmen’s retreat centre, where any group or individual can come in and learn the tools to develop their brain to get the growth mindset. If one perceives the growth mindset, anything and everything becomes possible to them, and their life becomes happy and peaceful.

The company do not promise a problem-free life to its clients, but they will surely know how to overcome their problem and move forward as Ms Gayathry did all through her life.

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