Nahar International School: Provisioning Holistic Pedagogical Facilities to Nurture Young Minds
Nahar International School
Nahar International School

From an early age, children are encouraged to explore their interests and discover their strengths. It’s essential to give them a solid foundation of knowledge that they can build upon as they grow and develop. The international school curriculum has been designed with this in mind, providing kids with diverse courses that help them discover their passions and improve their skills.

At the Nahar International School, located in the heart of a bustling township, they understand the importance of providing quality education to the local community. That’s why the school decided to implement the international curriculum, ensuring that each student has access to a world-class education that will set them up for success in the future.

Ensuring Impeccable Quality of Education

Nahar International School went into affiliated with Cambridge Assessment International Education first, which is the main curriculum being delivered in the school. And then, it went into the IBDP affiliation, which is of grade 11 and 12 curricula, so it has a Cambridge as well as IBDP curriculum.

The vision of the school is to create responsible citizens of the future. The school largely looks at creating global citizens because it is an international curriculum. So, the students who go out of school are being prepared in a way that they can study, work, and grow in any part of the world. And the approach which the school takes to achieve this vision is a mode of self-discovery.

Exposing Students to Areas of Opportunities

The school provides students with a holistic environment where they’re not just academically growing and learning academics, but they are exposed to opportunities. It could be sports; it could be music; it could be a dance; it could be theatre. Everything is part of the curriculum.

The school also provides opportunities and creates an environment for students to grow in a way that they understand that growing up as a human is not only about cognitive leader learning.

Providing a Comfortable Learning Space

Nahar International School emphasises mentorship programs where teachers are more mentors and guide to students than just deliverers of knowledge. And where the school gives a lot of importance to emotional well-being, not just intellectual learning but emotional well-being. Therefore, the school has a strong team of counsellors, psychologists, and special educators who Nahar International School makes sure that its culture is very positive, which in turn communicates the idea of the overall well-being of every individual who is part of the school.

Striving in Tough Times

One challenge that Nahar International School faced was getting quality teachers on board because having these qualities is difficult. These are not very easily available in the market. So, getting quality people and regularly putting them into training while at work was tough for the school. So, training on the job becomes very difficult for people working in this environment.

And that means it is a lot of challenge for the school first to get the people, then train them and then sustain them because it’s a growing international education market. The other challenge for Nahar International School is that this kind of education requires a lot of mind shift change – thought process change. In India, a very small number of schools are delivering a very different curriculum. And most of the people who are parents today have gone through a certain way of education.

Embracing the Diversity

Nahar International School is an inclusive school. And it accepts differences very well in terms of various kinds of learners being there. It accepts all kinds of learners in school. It’s a school where anyone and everyone could apply. It does not assess the children when they are in pre-primary or primary years, which is also a part of inclusion. The school takes them based on their understanding of its ideology and parents’ understanding of requirements. The school has a long process of admission; instead of just assessing a child and admitting the child, it takes them along, the school helps them to understand more about the school, and then they can choose to enter, which itself is a great part of inclusion. So, everyone has the opportunity to apply and then go through the orientation process and a process of interaction with us and then take it further.

Since it is an international curriculum, it naturally has diversity in it. People across the country are part of the system. It’s not being centric towards one particular culture or one particular part as well as international nationalities. Nationalities from other countries are also part of it, automatically making it very diverse.

Interweaving Classroom Learning and Co-curricular Learning

During the whole day of school functioning, students must participate in dance. They must do sports. They must make music. It’s mandatory for them to do theatre. They’re all as important as English, Math, and Science. So therefore, everything is interwoven in the system of education. The school states, “Your artistic area, your artistic side, your physical development side, the side of your performing art. Everything is part of the system, so our children get exposed to everything. All the students are exposed to everything and are being asked to do everything and participate in everything, which means it’s no more extracurricular. It’s part of the curriculum.”

An Emblem of Excellence

NIS is an eminent pedagogical institute, and the testament to it is the list of achievements the school has gathered over the years. Some of the prestigious achievements the school has been awarded from 2018 to 2022 are:

  • Great Place to Study Award-2018
  • ISA award by British Council-2018-2021
  • Times School Survey-2018 (Best International Curriculum on 16th Rank)
  • Outstanding Achievement Award for Education Excellence by AIAF
  • Innovation in Teaching Methodology Award by 11th DNA Innovative Education Leadership Award
  • Best International School of the Year by International Achievers Conference
  • Best Architecture Award-2017
  • Most Promising School in Global Collaborative Learning 2021- Ardorcomm
  • Five Star Rating in Clean School award by the Education Inspector, Govt of Maharashtra.
  • 13th edition of the CMO Asia Awards for Excellence in Education that was held in Singapore presented the school with the ‘Excellence in teaching methodologies.’
  • Remarkable contribution to progressive education by National School Awards 2022
  • Top school International Curriculum by Times Education Icons 2022
  • “Award for Quality in Education” at the highly acclaimed ET Ascent Presents Business Leader of the Year 2023.

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