National Workshop on ‘Outcome Based Education’ held at Rabindranath Tagore University

On Monday, April 26th, the Rabindranath Tagore University (RNTU) conducted a National Workshop on ‘Consultation’ which focused on curriculum design and outcome based education (OBE). The workshop was organized by the university under the aegis of Grand Academic Portal, MLB College, and Global Academic Excellence Assessment Consortium.

The Director if IQAC-RNTU, Nitin Vats inaugurated the session whilst welcoming the guests. Chief guest RNTU Vice Chancellor – Brahmaprakash Pethia – said that employing OBE will help transform the teacher-centric model into a student centric model while also increasing the gross enrollment ratio.

Preeti Oja, CEO of Grade Academic Portal (GAP), and SK Vijay of MLB College also demonstrated support for the model in their speeches, emphasizing the need to impart practical knowledge to students through OBE.

Highlighting the curriculum and feedback system, RC Hiramath, Member, Global Academic Assessment Consortium (GAC), addressed the technical sessions stating “It is necessary to prepare students according to the needs of the industry”.

Kavita Indapurkar, Professor at Amethi University, said that the objective of educational institutions should be the overall development of students, while stating the importance of income-based education.

Sai Madhavi D, Professor at RDYM Engineering College, Karnataka elaborated the process of internal evaluation and quality assurance. Sangeeta Johri, Coordinator at IQAC, RNTU moderated the workshop.

Joining the workshop were multitudes of researchers and academicians from the al across the country. Kalpana Malik, Professor of Excellence College concluded with a vote of thanks.

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