The need to teach Online Reputation Management in Universities
online_reputation_management- The knowledge review

Social media is taking everyone by storm and it’s impossible for anyone to be left out from the crowd while everyone is getting benefitted directly or indirectly from it. Though, some experts might see at social media as a medium of entertainment, most of us will agree with the fact that having an online presence on social media is no longer optional. That’s what Online Reputation Management is all about.

A strategy and process of identifying, monitoring, and influencing online credibility and digital reputation is nothing but Online Reputation Management (ORM). Being active on social media is common thing most of the people do, but use of it varies from a person to person.

Gossip and rumors have destroyed great names in the past and many have lost fame and reputation due to this. It is not possible to remove delicate information internally in this ever changing business and we can see famous people in business with a wish of vanishing scandals from the internet.

The want of having a successful workforce is no surprise to any organization and no one would disagree with that while your online reputation comes into focus here too. Students have a dilemma that scoring good grades and getting a degree would help them grab a fortune worth a job, but that’s not the case anymore.

Today, no HR cares about your GPA or which courses you took in the universities. The days are gone, when hiring managers used to judge candidates from their resume and CVs. Today, most of the candidates are getting arbitrated from their online presence. Making a fine and impressive professional profile on the social media is mandatory for everyone who is looking for a high paying job after graduation.

Now the questions that supplement the title are: Don’t we need lessons about Online Reputation Management in our universities? Wouldn’t be amazing to have a class on the dangers and opportunities surrounding social media? Also, wouldn’t it be nice to learn that you can grow and monetize an audience on social media, rather than just mess around with your friends?

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