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Attention increases efficiency as it can help students to perform better with fewer resources. It improves their sensory discrimination, which allows them to focus on what is important. Attention is essential for the acquisition of skills and for learning new capabilities. This helps in learning new things for social reasons, which also assists students in understanding social scenarios and integrating well.

One such leading ed-tech start-up of Israel offering excellent facilities to improve attention span and concentration is Neurotech Solutions. It is a leader in developing and marketing cutting-edge, cloud-based technologies focused on human cognition and behavior with a special emphasis on attention disorders. The company is driven by the goal to support professionals worldwide to improve their patients’ daily functioning, academic abilities, and achievements.

The Neurotech Family and AXON-School

AXON-School is a unique system that measures and generates an overview of the individual attentional profile of each child, the entire class, and the entire grade. The system creates a new language for improved communication and activities around the child’s attentional world, highlighting important information and suggesting ways to help children learn and function better at school and beyond.

The AXON-School uses the most powerful, accurate, and reliable attention test in the market, developed by Neurotech Solutions. This development was conducted over four years with the assistance of world-renowned psychologists, education professionals, and was validated by published clinical studies. The test utilizes Neurotech’s sophisticated artificial intelligence component to analyze each test result compared to the results of other children of the same age and gender, assuring the highest accuracy results.
The test collects over 1,000 attention markers and clusters them into 250 distinct attentional profiles.

Eliminating undiagnosed ADHD is Neurotech’s mission. Helping every person with ADHD improve their quality of life and fulfil their potential is its passion. Neurotech Solutions is one big family of people highly passionate about making a change and delivering best-in-class products related to attention. It makes sure to bring forth best-in-class scientifically credible products, deliver substantial benefit above existing technologies, and make their user experience effective, fun, and easy to use. Neurotech Solutions takes responsibility to continue to surprise its customers with new and integrative ways of thinking about attention.

More About AXON-School

AXON School is an online platform that measures attention and makes personalized recommendations for performance enhancement. A unique attention profile is generated through a computerized game-like task of 14-20 minutes, one of 250 possible profiles.

Each profile is coupled with practical recommendations written by leading educational psychologists and divided into three different reports – the Student, the Parent, and the Teacher. These recommendations assist the student in using his attentional skills in the best possible way and learning to overcome possible attentional difficulties. And it’s all done from the comfort and safety of the students’ home or at school.

The Parent Report teaches parents techniques to promote success, create open and lasting communication with their child and adapt the learning environment to the child’s needs. If the results show significant attentional difficulties, it will also give a discrete recommendation on a continuous diagnosis for ADHD.

The Student Report teaches children about their attentional profile and gives them practical tools as well, such as a recommendation for a child with a high hyperactive tendency to perform a 10-minute aerobic exercise before class begins, or to try and do homework with background music.

The Teacher Report exposes the teacher to the attention profile of the child as a way to better understand their needs and help provide personalized assistance. For example, if a student has impulsive tendencies, the system will recommend that the teacher read aloud an assignment question to that student since they tend to read only part of a question. Teachers also have an aggregate view of the entire class on their dashboard. They can use the results to put together study groups with similar attentional profiles for a more effective lesson.

Insightful Leadership

The personality at the helms of Neurotech Solutions is Ohad Lavi, the CEO. He is an experienced healthcare executive who believes in pushing boundaries and leading change. Mr. Ohad possesses two decades of experience in sales, marketing, and business development of medical devices, pharmaceutical, and digital health at senior positions. He is highly experienced in leading sales and marketing teams effectively and successfully as well as setting up worldwide distribution chains. Mr. Ohad is green-belt certified in six-sigma process-excellence.

Facing Challenges Positively

Speaking about the challenges, the management asserts, “Entering the ed-tech service sector was important as we found that there is not always a clear understanding amongst teachers and parents regarding the true presentation and the meaning of attention in general and of attentional difficulties in particular. Re-education of attentional difficulties is challenging.”

The management further states that AXON offers an approachable manifestation of the attentional profile of the test taker and may point to the presence of more acute attentional difficulties. It is unbiased by any pre-conceptions any side may have, as studies indicate that opinions of teachers and parents of the same student may vary greatly. The AXON School results are unbiased and presents subjective scientific results.

It further expresses, “AXON has been clinically validated to give a clear indication for the presence of attentional difficulties and as such reduces clinic visits for children who actually have no attentional difficulties while on the other hand promote for diagnosis of children who do have ADHD but would normally be missed.”

Battling the Pandemic Head-On

With the uncertainty of how the school year will look, it was important for the school to have a solution that provides tools that can be applied both at school and at home. The use of computers as a part of the curriculum is growing across all subjects.

The management believes that learning at home or online requires students to apply unusually high attentional skills, abilities to resist distractions, and avoid temptation to enjoyable alternatives.

Learning from home increases the need for parental involvement and their responsibilities for their children’s learning. Teachers have very limited time for actual tutoring, and especially now they need to make sure it is optimized and effective. In such circumstances, Axon School™ suggests practical recommendations that can be applied quickly and easily for immediate results.

Future Footprints

Expressing its opinions about the future, the management states, “In the long term, Neurotech will become the place to think, learn and research about attention and related cognitive functions.” It is already implementing ground-breaking technologies that will revolutionize learning procedures and how the educational system can help in doing that.

The management believes that the changes are encouraging; teachers are quicker to embrace new technology and are open to change. People at the more senior levels, who in the past were considered a ‘no-go’ zone as a technophobe layer, are now showing interest. “Today, teachers agree that technology can work to their benefit and can help them help the student learn better,” concludes the management.

Inspirational Words

While advising the up-and-coming professionals, the management of Axon School™ suggests, “Don’t venture into the field of ed-tech services if you have no patience and need immediate results. It takes time to penetrate a system that has been running with little change for many decades.”

It further advises, “Find a champion in the account you are targeting and let them lead the change from within. Ask their advice and be mindful of the account-specific politics and parental involvement that influence decision making there.”

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