New Age Learning: A Perspective on the Different Learning Models
AuthorDebeshi Chakraborty

New-age trends in times of social distancing and ‘touch me not’ phase from the perspective of a futurist.

It is rightly said that time is the best teacher; we cannot agree more on this during the current covid induced uncertain times. Despite the crushing consequences of the pandemic, this crisis has also been a time for learning. We are learning how adaptable and robust we all can be – educational systems, professionals, teachers, students. Here, I share 3 unique emerging trends in the future career landscape as a career coach impacting around 3,000 multidisciplinary professionals and students during this pandemic.

#Digital Navigation as an indispensable life skill

There is a rising need to learn career navigation skills to learn on the go. This is an opportunity to build your brand by investing in digital real estate and to generate value for your professional life. The new ways of working have entailed a growing demand for upskilling, networking, remote working, and to remain relevant always. The art of being informed and sharing the relevant information to attract and retain your audience has now become a new life skill.

The iconic Mr. Shiv Shivakumar, ex-CEO of PepsiCo and Nokia, in his book ‘The Right Choice’ has pointed out that the lifespan of a career is now 40+ years rather than 25 years. Hence, it is necessary to manage your career now. Learn the navigation tools and build a professional portfolio.

#Rise of the creative class

The ‘new normal’ Covid-19 induced age has witnessed the rise of the new creative class-content creators, freelancers, digital coaches, consultants, gig workers. The gigantic ecosphere of the internet has made this possible as the world has now become an inclusive marketplace.

Richard Florida, the world-renowned urbanist has identified the emergence of a new social class in his modern classic ‘The Rise of the Creative Class’. This new creative social class consists of writers and programmers, entrepreneurs and lawyers, musicians and academicians, researchers and designers who constantly create new forms. Florida observes that this creative class has defined the new workplaces through their works and how they have contributed to our contemporary economy.

#The changemakers are the new-age educators

Another new trend is the rise of the change-makers or earth warriors, who are gradually rising to the cause of protecting our planet. These are the ‘young crusaders’ who dream of bringing back the greenery to our tired Earth.

Vinisha Umashankar, a class 9 student of SKP Vanitha International School in Tiruvannamalai, has recently won the prestigious ‘Children’s Climate Prize’ for designing a life-size solar energy-powered ironing cart to decrease charcoal usage.

Disha and Haneen, founders of ‘Project Aarambh’: The duo has raised INR 14, 65,000 which is being used to pay the fees of many underprivileged children.

Interestingly most are influencers on Linkedin.

You can follow Aliza Aayaaz, a UN Youth Ambassador and a student advocate for health and environment at UK House of Lords, while Mahika Mishra Foundation, founded by the 13-year-old shares about Letters for Changes for young adults. Last but not the least, you can also follow Yathaarth M, who tirelessly meets and speaks at community events as a ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ on LinkedIn.

The Way Forward

The future of work is hybrid – while the office remains a critical resource for work, it is no longer mandatory to go and work there. The millennials and zoomers need to be more self-aware and flexible to adapt to the new future. Life is a full circle and only those who learn continuously can evolve. I believe, to be future-ready, you need to know the market, your improvement areas, and the ability to quickly fill the gaps.

Be a career Sindbad, and set on your career voyage.”

About the Author

Debeshi Chakraborty is an award winning Career-coach . She is an multidimensional expertise – a commonwealth scholar from UCL, who after designing multiple smart cities, is up to designing 90,000,000 careers through her organisation Dezinecareers.

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