New Creative Programs Initiated by Shanghai Educational TV Station
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In an effort to strengthen local education reform and advance the TV station’s intelligent and digital development, Tencent Cloud and the Shanghai Education TV Station have partnered to create a collaborative digital education media laboratory.
As the station celebrated its 30th anniversary on Tuesday, administrators said that it will work with district and city-level education authorities to create more creative programs and instructional materials using clever strategies.

According to Sun Xiangtong, head of the Shanghai Education TV Station, it will also collaborate with educational resources in the Yangtze River Delta region to form an alliance that will expedite exchanges and communications for teachers and students in the area.
The TV station and the Shanghai Juss Sports Group came to an agreement to increase campus sports and activities in order to help kids and students have more vibrant and interesting lives. This was done in an effort to investigate the linkages between education and sports. In an effort to spark students’ interest in space and cutting-edge technology, the TV station will create a series of shows including expertise and anecdotes from China’s space sector in collaboration with the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology.

“To enhance the communication between students in Shanghai and Taiwan, we will also initiate a Chinese poem competition for students on both sides of the strait this year,” Sun stated.
The launch of the first health channel in the city is another highlight of the station’s new year agenda. The channel will concentrate on health promotion and education by partnering with the Shanghai Medical Association. Thirty of the city’s top medical establishments have already signed up to use the channel.

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