New Drug Education Program to Fill Critical Gaps in N.L. School Curriculum

Young Adults Turning to School of Pharmacy for Unbiased and Credible Information!

Memorial University’s School of Pharmacy strives to introduce a drug education program designed by youth who point out an essential deficiency in education for Newfoundland and Labrador’s schoolchildren.

Brief Overview

The DECYDE strategy, an official drug education program set to launch in a few months, stems from three years of research concerning the effects of cannabis legalization on youth and young adults, according to pharmacist and associate professor Lisa Bishop.

DECYDE’s strategy is centered on four substances – cannabis, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco – and provides interactive learning resources for students in Grades 4 to 12. This youth-driven content was created in collaboration with over 90 young people from Newfoundland and Labrador. Bishop informed of the comprehensive approach.

The Youth Advisory Council sought a non-judgemental and interactive educational strategy while being relatable and informed by both lived and learned experiences. Their vision was that the program should start at a young age and develop over the years rather than being a one-off event; they were also heavily involved in designing and creating the content.

End Note

As evidenced by the Bishop’s report of its effectiveness, the council’s efforts have enabled young people to access reliable information beyond a discussion with peers or on social media, providing them with trustworthy and evidence-based information to help guide their decisions and lives.

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