Nex-G Exuberant Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: The Training Sandbox for Innovators and Pioneers
Nex-G Exuberant Solutions

In 2002, the CEO and the founder of Nex-G Exuberant Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – Mr. S. S. Bhowmick – started the company with only five employees. But now, after 19 years, Nex-G Exuberant Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a highly reputed name in the education and training sector.

The information and communication technologies (ICT) sector is transforming the world. Billions of connections between people and devices across the world are creating information societies in which learning and competence development represent the key to success. Successful learning cultures foster an environment where everyday learning, informal and on-the-job learning, and knowledge sharing form an integral part of the overall learning culture.

When it started 19 years ago, the wireless telecom sector was experiencing a revolution. At the time, 2G and 3G were the more popular technologies at play. Now the tech has evolved, and technologies like 4G and 5G are all the rage. We are on the verge of a 5G revolution, which is going to change everything.

Nex-G started with a vision of making optimal use of the various new revolutions in technology that are occurring in modern times. Initially, the company started working on 3G technologies and later added 4G technologies.

Today, the Nex-G team is currently working on technologies like 5G, Software Define Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT), Geographic Information System (GIS), OTT TV, digital payments technologies, fiber optics, and many other exciting yet disruptive innovations.

The Quintessential Playground for Crazy Innovators and Visionaries

R&D is at the core of Nex-G’s working model. “We are the market leaders in this domain specially when training comes into the picture,” said the dynamic and cultivated leader of NexG Exuberant, Mr. Bhowmick. “Also, we are merging new technologies, for example – there is a lot of OTT streaming, 5G broadcasting, these are also going to merge. So naturally, we are doing a lot of research on that.”

“In a few years, we will see that the streaming services that are available on OTT platforms now, will later be directly available, along with HD and 4K streaming from your telecom network,” added Mr. Bhowmick.

The aforementioned are the core domains that the Nex-G team is working on right now. Apart from that, the company is also doing research and development in payments technologies like  EMV, where they came across security concerns, and the funds are transferred online and worked on developing solutions to the same end.

Additionally, Nex-G Exuberant has forayed into the fields such as fiber optics communications, for which the team also provides training and consultancy for the same.

In a nutshell, the core sectors this team of creative, innovative out-the-box thinkers is working on are ICT, FinTechm, OTT streaming, and similar technologies.

Aspiring to Make a Difference

“We are putting a lot of energy into the sorts of technologies that are going to rule in the next 5 to 10 years. That is our fundamental primer. We don’t work on obsolete things – those areas which are already developed or matured and in widespread use. We focus on those areas which are actually going to gain traction in the coming years. That is the reasoning behind our name – ‘NexG’ – next generation! Focus on technologies which are going to come next,” remarked the proud leader of the pack, Mr. S. S. Bhowmick.

The company follows a simple 3-step process to initialize the training and consultancy services of a given technology or sector as such:

  1. Do research on next-generation technologies – specifically IT and communication technologies.
  2. Convert them into training modules.
  3. Do skill enhancements of individuals and corporates.

The company started working on 5G in 2013 itself – back when this technology was still in its infant stages. Nex-G’s first presentation on 5G was uploaded on YouTube back in 2013.

Now, Nex-G Exuberant Solutions is doing research on 6G, which will be prominent sometime around 2030 – around 8-9 years from now.

An Evolved Vision

Initially, the mission statement of Nex-G was:

Creating resources which can work at par with the industry.’

But now, as the company has grown over the years, it is not only helping individual students but also corporates. Corporates, who are working on new projects and have to deal with new technologies all the time, also need handholding. They require expertise to traverse the swiftly changing dynamics of the tech industry.

“We have also provided our assistance and services to government organizations from India, Palestine, Malawi, Rwanda, Nigeria, Malayasia  and many others. We worked with them on many projects and also delivered training and consultancy to them on different domains,” added Mr. Bhowmick.

The Visionary Leader

Mr. S. S. Bhowmick is a computer engineer who started his career in 1998 with IIT-Chennai and a reputed communications organization. He counts himself lucky for getting a start to his career in research and development environment in the tutelage of renowned scholars such as Prof. Ashok Junjhunwala. Prof. Ashok Junjhunwala has always been an idol to Mr. Bhowmick. Being mentored by the professor has led to his complete transformation from that point onward: coming out with new technologies, serving the common man, taking the technology to the last mile. All these were his driving forces.

Such high ideals to strive for and dreams of living up to motivated Mr. Bhowmick to start something of his own in the field of technology and communication services. And finally, in the year 2002, he did! And the rest is history…

The Nex-G Advantage

“We are research and development-based technology training company.”

Nex-G Exuberant Solutions are focused on optimizing its customers’ investments in information technology. It helps customers envision and shape their future around the key drivers of technology, productivity, and cost-effectiveness.

Many other companies follow this pattern of – a market which already exists at large, people start following that market and launch training programs in that domain. Nex-G is completely the opposite in this regard.

“Whenever we see that there is a mature market and there are already a lot of players in that market, we leave that technology,” remarked Mr. Bhowmick. He adds, “We discontinue those training programs. We always work on trainings, which are not delivered by many companies. We are never working on very common things, always working on uncommon things. That’s actually something that the companies also ask, how do you learn all these things? Because this is something new…”

The company does it by spending a lot of time and investment on the learning part. Learning new things, developing the setups for them, doing R&D on them all well in advance, most of the times years in advance.

All this effort has bore fruits in the best of ways for Nex-G Exuberant Solutions. One of its most noteworthy achievements is being honoured as one of the ‘Top 100 Companies of Asia’ award by Red Herring – a feat which is even more impressive given that Nex-G is the only training solution provider who made it to this auspicious list.

Nex-G Consultancy Services

The Nex-G Consultancy Services gives technology consultancy to different companies, mainly in telecom and IT. It offers solutions in next-generation  information and communication technologies – Industrial IoT, SDN, NFV, 5G,  Network Security, Network Applications, Apps (Web/Mobile), Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, Network Simulations, Image Processing and GIS.

What comes next?

In the next 2-3 years, there are going to be a lot of innovations. So, in lieu of the already depleted technologies and markets, the Nex-G team has started research and developing models of the sorts of technologies that are going to be all the rage, like 6G, V2X (‘Vehicle-to-everything’ tech with its subsidiaries such as V2I – vehicle to infrastructure, V2N – vehicle to network, V2P – vehicle to pedestrian, V2D – vehicle to device, V2G – vehicle to grid, etc.), telecom broadcasting, and advancements in video streaming.

Scaling the Future

“We want to grow our company and move more towards the corporate sector. And add new companies to our portfolio with whom we can work and provide technology consultancy to them. Additionally, we want to develop new products and make our services ever more efficient, whilst also researching and developing training modules for the new and exciting technologies of the future,” concluded Mr. S. S. Bhowmick.

It’s an exciting time right now to be working with Nex-G Exuberant Solutions. An exciting time!


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