NishuMahendra: Redefining Benchmarks in the World of Edupreneurs

Education counselors are often understood as just key personalities who help students gain easy access to colleges. The impact of counselors on student’s achievement has largely gone unnoticed. One of the reasons behind this might be how society differentiates a teacher and an education counselor. There is a common belief that it is only the teachers who navigate the students through the right path and help them achieve their desired goal.

However, both teachers and education counselors impact students through different avenues. And the impact is similar to that of a teacher when it comes to educational attainment. Such educational influencers make us realize that there are different things outside the conventional educational sector that students need assistance with and help them access opportunities, possibilities, and information. Their role does only include helping students to access all theinformation but also analyze it and play a vital lever in advancing equity and rightful education attainment.

Understanding the same and in our attempt to familiarize everyone with the need for counselors in every student’s life our paths crossed with NishuMahendra, Managing Director & International Representativeof Dronaa International Educon. Ms. Mahendra is a renowned educational consultant, dedicated and certified consulting Professional based in Delhi NCR.

Evolving as an Influencer

Ms. Mahendra is a renowned educational consultant, dedicated and certified consulting Professional based in Delhi NCR. She has earned the mantle of most trusted, dedicated, and hard-working women entrepreneurs, for international Education Marketing, Counseling and innovatively promoting different programs. She is also globally recognized as a women entrepreneur of India who has worked for many universities across the globe for admissions.

That is how the world knows her today however, her evolution as an edupreneur began right after her graduation days. Despite have a Bio background and wanting to become a doctor, Ms. Mahendra ended up doing engineering. But the question here is what led her to start this venture? Ms. Mahendra is very fond of traveling and has already visited 23 countries until now. It was during this expedition that she explored various opportunities available across the borders as well as the quality of education and that initiated here to start this venture.

Now the edupreneurial journey was not easy as she was a software engineer by profession and ventured into the world of industrialists with no prior experience. However, her continuous effort to bring a change resulted in the expansion of the organization both geographically and service-wise. Today, the organization has 5 branches across the country and has helped countless aspiring medical Students. Under the leadership of Ms. Mahendra, her firm has achieved awards including, the Best consultancy in North India (2017-2018), Award winner of Best Overseas Consulting in 2017-2018, andNational Advisor for USA based firm GiveGlobal Foundation.

The below-mentioned are some of her other notable achievements:

  • Certified by ICEF
  • Official representative Georgia -Asia chamber of commerce,
  • Official representative of various universities of USA, UK , Canada, and  Europe
  • Exclusive Master Agent for Medical Universities
  • Achievement of Top 50 influential Women in Delhi & NCR.
  • Leaders in the market to provide quality knowledge
  • Member of British Council IELTS partnership Program
  • IDP IELTS & Pearson Registered
  • ETS TOEFL Member
  • QISAN Accredited Agency
  • Gold Certificate agency Uniagent
  • Winner of Best Overseas Consultant in North India
  • Registered Education New Zealand trained agent(NZSA)
  • Registered with Professional Education Inter National resource.
  • Dedicated team continuously working as per the market requirements and most updated course material is prepared for the candidates
  • National Advisor for Give Global Foundation

Making Study-Abroad Process Easy

Now that we have established the inception story and the reason behind establishing Dronaa International Educon, we have to shift our focus to its peculiarities and how this organization is helping students achieve their desired education. It has associated with numerous Universities and Colleges in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Poland, Georgia, and others.

The organization’s responsibility is not just introducing students to various internationally acclaimed institutes but also help with the admission process. The counselors at Dronaa International Educon help students prepare a customized application form keeping in mind the skills and talents of the students. The organization also advises and guides students through the visa process.

The ‘Out-and Out’ Counselors

Having recognized how the growing opportunities have opened a very informative world and how the freedom to follow the dreams is no longer pinned across the borders of India, NishuMahendra’s organization is helping students achieve their dreams. Adding her in this task is a group of education counselors and influencers who leave no stones unturned in ensuring that students are placed in universities that propel their talent. Some of the notable members of this team are Mr. Sanjeev Bharadwaj; Sachin Kumar;Sweta Mishra; Prabodh Kumar; MrAqueelRehmani; Ms. Sweta; MrSachin; Mr. Yash; Ms. Shikha; Ms. ChaaviTandon; Ms. Preeti; Ms. Maanveer; Mr. Manoj; Ms. Anupriya.

The Explicit Guidance Platform

We have now established how Dronaa International Educon under the leadership of NishuMahendra offers curated guidance to every student; let us further know about the various sectors wherein the institute offers expert advice. We are already familiar with its goal of offering personalized assistance to get students enrolled in various globally acclaimed institutions. Apart from this the organization also helps students in the below-mentioned areas:

  • IELTS/PTE: The organization trains aspirants in IELTS and PTE and make it possible for them to secure admission for themselves in those Universities. Additionally, IELTS / PTE is also a route through which one can get a job abroad. Those who wish to seek employment abroad, train with Dronaa International Educon to not only pass this exam but also secure a job.
  • Specialised in Medical Admissions:

—The six (6) year old MBBS division ( exclusively looks after the medical admissions abroad in the countries like UK, Ireland, Russia, Georgia, Hungry, Khazakhstan and others.

—The service provided is multi-fold; the first level of service is the advice of the most suitable college/ university for admission. We have been very choosy in getting a tie-up with the colleges to ensure the best output of our students’ time, money and efforts.

—All the colleges promoted by us are MCI approved with a positive track record especially with Indian students.

  • Immigration:

In our assemblage, we have teams of experts, who are immigration visa experts, registered visa representatives, attorneys and registered immigration advisors. In conjunction with our experts, we have resettled many people abroad. As of now we have a large list of satisfied clientele. This is so because we follow a high-yielding and a hands-on approach for visa and immigration. Our experts are vigilant and keep themselves updated on Occupational classifications (NOC, ASCO, etc.), Occupation lists (Essential list, Occupation list, positive list, SOL, MODL, CSL etc), permit areas and sponsorship.

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