Nord Anglia Education: Fostering a Contemporary Approach Towards Learning

“I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework.” – Lily Tomlin 

The above quote truly justifies what we all desire for our young ones. It’s one of the most important attributes that we look for in the school that we wish to enroll our children. How about an institution that is an epitome of the above? This establishment not only looks after the development of your child’s intellect but helps them recognize their uniqueness. It’s a place that will nurture your children and provide them a home away from home.

We at The Knowledge Review see it as our privilege to present to you Nord Anglia Education,  a group that has made its mark on the world by developing schools, and institutions known for delivering excellence.

The Rise to Glory

Nord Anglia Education, as an Ivy league group, was established in 1972 in the United Kingdom. The initial program it offered was a learning service which included English-as-a-foreign-language class. With the success of this program, the group decided to grow itself by opening full-scale nurseries and kindergartens.

In 1992, it successfully opened its first international school named the British School of Warsaw. After a series of achievements, Nord Anglia Education began a strategic focus on premium international schools, with rapid growth in Asia, the Americas, China, across Europe, and the Middle East. The group’s efforts were successful and helped it to become a truly international organization having schools spread across the globe.

A Stellar Vision with Successful Ventures

The rise of its international schools has given Nord Anglia Education a prominent stand in the world. It is driven by a unifying philosophy, “We are ambitious for our schools, teachers, staff, and communities, and we inspire every child who attends a Nord Anglia Education school to achieve more than they ever imagined possible.

The institute strongly emphasizes on contemporary learning, and takes the factors from traditional education that inculcate the necessary values. Nord Anglia ceaselessly strives to deliver holistic learning experience for its students. Its global-scale outreach has enabled it to recruit and retain a few of the worlds leading teachers and to offer an unforgettable experience through global and regional events.

A Leader’s Perspective

Leading a Group that has a strong presence across the globe requires a person who has a diverse range of experience. A charismatic personality who has the strength to uphold the values and hold the foundation together. Andrew Fitzmaurice Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a board member of Nord Anglia Education is a figure who has been piloting the Group successfully towards excellence.

Mr. Fitzmaurice has previously served as CEO of, an international rental automobile company from March 2000 until March 2003 and has commendably maintained the growth of the company. Prior to his tenure at, he spent 13 years at TNT Express UK serving via multiple positions, including Division Managing Director. A love for Economics and passion to enrich the learning experience of students, he accepted his position in the esteemed organization and has been a key to Nord Anglia Education’s constant success.

Thriving Ambiance that Creates Opportunities

Nord Anglia Education’s world-leading Education Team is based in Oxford, United Kingdom. Its team always ensures that the schools’ educational practices, curriculums, and programs are exceptional and continuously improving to provide a superior learning experience.

The Group’s committee comprises of educational experts who promote the research-led approach towards educational excellence. In addition to this, the team provides specialist support to the schools’ principals and teachers. They continuously develop projects to lead the best practices and improvement programs informed by the latest thinking in teaching and learning, ensuring that the schools offers the finest learning experience.

The Group’s premium educational approach enables every student to reach high levels of academic and social success. Its rigorous and compelling curriculum is respected by top universities and encourages critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership.

Students’ statistics of Nord Anglia Education has been remarkable. In the academic 2018/19 year, one in three of the graduates went on to one of the world’s top 100 universities. In the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP), 2019 average diploma score the Group was 10 percent higher than the global average. The group-wide average for IB Diploma score was 33 points out of 45, surpassing the 2018 average of 30.

Nord Anglia Education wants its students to have real-world challenges’ exposure early on. Hence, it has been collaborating with pioneering institutions such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Juilliard, together to develop programs that will give its students the skills, qualities, and outlook to create their own exciting future:

  • In collaboration with The Juilliard School, the Group aims to transform the child’s understanding of the performing arts. Programs are built in such a way that the pupils get to discover iconic works. Skills like creativity and collaborativeness within a team flourish them with help from the worldwide network of performers and teachers.
  • Nord Anglia Education’s strong partnership with MIT helps its students to see the bigger picture and spark their curiosity about different subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Students tackle challenges and workshops created by the MIT experts and develop skills that will help them to create a better tomorrow.
  • The Group also takes a keen interest in international issues. It has been working with UNICEF to introduce its students to some of the planet’s most pressing issues. Through World’s greatest lesson, its Student Summit and Global Challenges, it inspires its them to think about how to change the world for the better.

An Ambitious Roadmap

As of October 2019, Nord Anglia Education’s global family consists of 66 premium schools in 29 countries, more than 64,000 students and over 13,500 teachers and support staff. The group’s successful endeavors have opened doors to many opportunities that lie ahead. Its further expansion includes aspects such as: adding capacity to existing schools, acquisition, and developing new campuses.

The group’s venture in China has been successful, resulting in the opening of four new bilingual schools in September of this year. India also played a significant development ground for the organization with five schools and more than 7,000 students that have joined the global family in five Oakridge International Schools. Nord Anglia Education has been thriving for years and its continuous journey towards excellence seems to have no boundaries.

Contribution towards Communities

Nord Anglia Education has taken initiatives to enhance the regions wherever its schools are based. To develop and better serve the local community outreach, its schools are participating in an online platform called Share a Dream. In the first year alone, 28 Nord Anglia schools participated with the vision to increase outreach and better understand the regional culture.

The Group has an excellent track record. Between the years 2018 and 2019, its schools’ communities consisting of students, teachers, and support staff have a breathtaking record of serving for 76,000 hours of community volunteering. It has collected more than 21,500 for donations and raised more than US$648,800 for the NGOs and charities.

United Nations has set 17 Sustainable Development Goals and Nord Anglia Education actively strives to achieve them, by implementing these goals in lesson plans, philanthropic activities, and communities and thereby making respective regions a better place to live.

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