Oasis International School (OIS) – Kuala Lumpur: Appreciating Diversity while Ensuring Excellence in Education
Oasis International School

Ancient and commercially significant landmarks, vibrant cities, diverse flavours, and cuisines – these are not the only aspects for which Malaysia is renowned. It is also famous for upholding educational excellence and providing students with opportunities to learn and grow. The country houses some of the most celebrated education providers. They open the doorway to endless possibilities in education and career excellence. These institutions leave no stone unturned to ensure that every student accomplishes their goals while evolving gradually.

A renowned institution in Malaysia that is making rapid strides in education is Oasis International School (OIS) – Kuala Lumpur. It is owned and operated by Oasis International Schools, a non-profit organization committed to establishing and maintaining American-style, English-speaking international schools around the world. Oasis’ network is based near Memphis, Tennessee in the United States, but stretches across the world with schools in 15 different countries. OIS provides OIS – Kuala Lumpur with resources, oversight, and support. Since its establishment over 30 years ago, its network has created a legacy of academic excellence, prestigious college acceptance, and successful alumni. OIS offers an educational program for students in kindergarten to 12th grade. Staffed by US-certified teachers, OIS is academically challenging, integrated with cutting-edge technology, and centered on developing students’ character.

The OIS Mission & Core Values

OIS- Kuala Lumpur is a community of students, parents, and qualified educators, working together as an Oasis network school to instill in its school community a passion for truth, a commitment to excellence, and an appreciation for diversity. It believes in the three words-Veritas, Virtus, Varietas! The school provides a United States educational experience that cultivates character, leadership, and innovation exhibited through student learning outcomes to accomplish its mission.

Enhancing Student Learning Outcomes

At OIS, students are provided with equal opportunities to learn and evolve personally and academically. The school allows the students to avail ample opportunities to improve themselves not only as students, but as human beings as well. Some of the key highlights of the academic and co-curricular initiatives of OIS are as follows:

Character: Students at OIS are challenged to appreciate the unique qualities of a diverse world and celebrate shared values. Words like ‘empathy’ and ‘understanding’ are more than just lofty ideals. At OIS, they are woven into the curriculum, embedded into the programs, and lived out by an international community of students and educators from all over the world who call OIS their home.

Leadership: Students at OIS are challenged to positively impact the school, community, nation, and world. Equipped with the content knowledge and 21st century skills necessary to excel in today’s global community, students are given a platform to connect their education to real-world problems. At OIS, students are not just the hope for a brighter future; they are the solution for a better today.

Innovation: The school challenges students to develop an intrinsic desire for learning by pursuing creativity and originality in their work and life. Students are not simply trained to take a test; they are nurtured into lifelong learners who view the world and their future as unique opportunities to solve problems, create meaning, improve, and question the status quo. For the OIS graduate, learning never ends.

Learning at OIS is a balanced, holistic approach based on the United States education model. Classes are rooted in content and skills that align with standards from AERO (American

Education Reaches Out), a project that assists American overseas schools by providing standards that are based on the United States’ Common Core initiative. These standards are designed to challenge students academically as well as to encourage them to think critically and demonstrate creativity. In addition, to reinforce and expand upon the skills found in AERO’s standards, classes also use P21’s Framework for 21st Century Learning. The Framework for 21st century learning defines the skills and knowledge that students should acquire to succeed in life beyond the classroom. OIS provides a support system for students to learn P21’s life and career skills; learning and innovation skills; and information, media, and technology skills.

Standing Leagues Apart

OIS does not merely provide quality educational and infrastructural facilities. It believes in being the very best when transforming education into an everlasting experience.

OIS believes in an environment that facilitates learning for the whole child. Both its digital and physical spaces have been designed with student learning as the goal. It designed its digital spaces to increase communication and transparency between school and home. These digital spaces, including the school’s learning management system, help students direct their own learning as they have real-world experiences, build a sense of self-efficacy, and ultimately become lifelong learners. The physical learning spaces are flexible, allowing teachers to arrange their classrooms and other spaces around learning tasks. With 12 acres, teachers can take students outside while creating more meaningful learning experiences for their students.

At OIS, the teachers actively seek opportunities to engage the students with the world to share their learning and sharpen their knowledge. By creating an environment for students to share their learning with a global audience, teachers help students develop skills needed to thrive beyond the classroom. Whether video conferencing with experts in the science field, publishing a digital novel or creating an iPad app, the classroom allows the students to explore the world.

The management believes that technology not only fosters creativity and innovation, but also leads to deeper and more meaningful learning. The school engages technology as a fundamental part of the learning process and ensures that every student on campus has access to at least one personal Apple device. Elementary and middle school students have iPads and access to the computer lab. High school students have iPads and Macbooks.

Teachers are also equipped with Apple devices, and every classroom is equipped with an Apple TV that allows teachers to display instructional materials and student work. Additionally, every classroom teacher is an Apple Teacher and a Google Certified Educator. With these tools and training, teachers can better support student learning and help students take ownership of their learning.

Fostering a Caring Learning Environment

The teachers share a love for students and a passion for learning. With the exception of foreign language teachers, each faculty members has U.S. certifications in their respective subject areas. In addition, every teacher has experience teaching in the United States or in international schools. The OIS community of parents and students provides consistent feedback through many surveys, meetings, and conversations. The teachers are the best element of the school. They are known for providing excellent academic direction in tandem with caring for the fundamental needs of their students.

Landmarks throughout an Impressive Journey

OIS dedicated endeavours have earned the school many laurels. One of the school’s recent 2021 graduates, Hyunbae, was accepted into the prestigious NYU Abu Dhabi and is enrolled as a B.A. Business student, DARO Intern – Class of 2025. He is thankful for all that he received at OIS and had this to say, “I just wanted to say that I am enormously appreciative of every single staff member at Oasis. Words can’t describe the respect, love, and gratitude I have towards you all. I wouldn’t be anywhere in life without your help and support.”

The Shining Light of OIS

OIS has made tremendous achievements in education and empowering students under the judicious leadership of Mr. Ben Hale, the Head of School. He has pursued his education from several international schools, having grown-up all-over Asia. Mr. Hale has lived and worked in South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and now Malaysia. He is one of the founding team members and was instrumental in the research, design, planning, and supervising of OIS.

Marching Ahead

In this ever-changing global climate, OIS endeavors to prepare students to face their future with confidence and intelligence by letting their voices be heard and making a difference in their community and world.

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