One Window Overseas Education: Furnishing Opportunities for Lifelong Learning
Window Overseas Education

“We are transforming the lives of thousands of students, by guiding them through all the available study options in one place, One Window stands as one stop solution for all the international education needs”

Studying abroad means the opportunity to discover an entirely new environment. Many students imagine that studying abroad multiple times or long-term is completely out of reach for the average student. However, there are some institutes around the world that realize the value of international students and campuses around the world.

Keeping these values in mind, One Window Overseas Education Pvt. Ltd. was established in April 2009 with the foremost notion of obtaining an international education in reach of every deserving student. The organization is located in Hyderabad, which itself is one of the largest hubs for education in India. It is known for its comprehensive solutions for all the overseas education needs. It is the leading organisation, delivering well-researched and tailor-made solutions enabling students to choose right colleges and careers. As the result of extensive relations in the global education, industry experts have marked One Window as the top choice amongst the students for higher international education. Since the inception, the organisation has been known for delivering student-centric solutions and showing consistency in evolving its solutions over the years.

The Allegiant Director

Anurag Jain is the visionary Director behind the success of One Window Overseas Education. As a business development executive, he has taken up the reigns to make One Window rise with the international standards. He has driven the company with his complete dedication. He makes sure that each student at the One Window gets his/her dream institution for higher education. Furthermore, he even speaks personally to each and every student before and after the completion of their application process. Under his command, One Window’s admission success rate is more than ninety-five percent. The reason behind this success is the methods that Anurag has developed for the admission process, which are used by each counsellor at One Window. His traits and motivation associated with his work inspire everyone in the workplace towards the common goal of the company.

Recounting his ideas about the establishment of the institute he says, “I founded One Window Overseas Education, focusing on assisting students to get the best fit international education. Today, One Window is known for delivering quality service to students and institutions globally”.

Personalizing Student Education

The company’s mission is to bring overseas education the within reach of every individual. One Window is committed to providing superior service of international standard in a comprehensive manner with an emphasis on quality, service excellence, empathy, and respect. One Window offers services to all its students, not just by selecting institutions for them but it also makes sure that their application is complete without any errors.

The organization guides each of its students with utmost care and personalized service. Student’s needs, their academics, and the target destination are the major parameters which are considered before finalizing an institution. One Window follows a holistic approach to complete this task of selection of a university. This is accompanied by the technology tools that aid in precise selection.

One Window makes the right decision for each and every student by using the admission information from thousands of universities. The counsellors at the institute are highly trained and have the immense experience to execute their excellence and dedication.

Check-listing the Visa Process

According to the institute, acquiring a visa is the hardest step in the process of admission and scholarships. Acknowledging this, One Window summarises “We take students’ dreams very seriously and we make sure that every expectation of each student is carefully fulfilled. We have a dedicated team which closely executes the extensively designed visa process for each country”.

The process of visa at One Window comprises multiple checkpoints. These checkpoints make sure that every single student’s document is properly placed as per the embassy’s requirements.  The institute’s team even trains the students for the countries that conduct an interview for the visa process. The training consists of two-to-three mock sessions that aid the student in building their confidence. Each session is followed by the report containing the areas of improvement. Candidates examine these reports and prepare for the judgement day.

Helping Students with Scholarships

Every institution has a certain amount of funds to be disbursed as a scholarship to meritorious students. These funds are also provided to the students who can’t afford their own tuition fees. The experts at One Window guide all the students about the requirement of each and every scholarship the students are eligible for. It can be directly from the institution or from the various private or government organizations from India. Leveraging the experience, One Window stays aware of the availability of scholarships for particular institutions for the particular intake. The institute maintains an extensive database of scholarships and funding opportunities for students which make the approach easier and faster.

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