One Window Overseas Education: Your Ultimate Solution to Explore Various Study Destinations
One Window Overseas Education

Those days are over when most of the Indian students opted for either engineering or medical courses after high school. Today’s generation is not shying away from taking a path less travelled. Unlike before, they now have a pool of options to choose from their interests and skillsets. This trend has also caught on with individuals studying overseas.

It is delighting to see so many young people from across the world choosing foreign educational institutes to pursue their higher education. In doing so, they’re becoming part of a global community that has produced some of the world’s most exciting and innovative companies.

With world-leading universities, thriving business ecosystems and unrivalled cultural landscapes, studying in foreign educational institutes offer the opportunity to be at the forefront of creativity and innovation.

Overseas education is continuously growing in demand for students aspiring for a quality education which at certain times the universities in their country can’t offer. In light of this, an overseas education consultancy is the solution for the students who aspire to attain higher education, prepare, and carefully plan the steps.

One Window Overseas Education Pvt. Ltd is on a mission is to bring overseas education within reach of every individual. It is committed to provide superior services of international standards comprehensively with an emphasis on quality, service excellence, empathy, and respect.

One Window, incepted in the year 2009, provides easy reach to quality education options around the world for deserving students without any hassle. To date, One Window has successfully placed 6500+ students in universities across the world.

In an interview with Insights Success, the team of One Window shares insightful perspectives and opinions about the organization, its vision and mission, its key aspects, and how it strives towards a better tomorrow.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

1. What efforts do you take to consult about the best institutes and schools or courses for the students to pursue?

Understanding the students’ requirements and matching them with the right institution. With the use of data analytics to analyse previous acceptance rates and current requirements of the university we deliver the best results for the success of the student.

2. In what way do you provide overseas boarding, financial assistance and insurance assistance to the students?

We have partnered with the best organisations of the world to provide these kinds of benefits along with our forte of career counselling and admission processing. We check the track record of the companies before associating with them to match them with our level of customer satisfaction.

3. What support do you provide in acquiring visa services in minimum time or other immigration services, and aid in further settlements?

With constant training and continuous delivery of the error-free service, our team has gained expertise in making the visa successful rate stand on the highest numbers possible. Our visa success rate has always been more than 98%. Our service not just ends at visa acceptance but we also cater to students and parents in getting the best fares for travel tickets, best exchange rates for foreign currency and accommodation in the destination country.

4. How according to you is consultation important before admitting into an overseas school or institute?

Taking counselling from an expert advisor helps gain clarity over the needs and wants to the student. Getting into the right college is the most crucial decision a student has to ever make. A wrong move may lead to compromising on a bright and successful career. Counsellors are the experts who have complete knowledge about suitable careers. They possess the skills to guide a student on the right path of education. Counsellors at One Window are highly experienced and skilled to guide students for any level of education all around the world. They have been trained and assessed by reputed organisations from different parts of the world.

5. State about the awards and accreditations?

One Window is an officially accredited agency by ICEF. We’ve been awarded Highly Responsive Business by in 2018 (one of the leading local business search engines). We’ve also been recognized by the Higher Education Review Magazine as the Best Consultancy of the Year 2017 with a cover story on One Window Overseas Education. In the year 2013 and 2015 IDP recognized us as the Best Business Partner.

6. What is the outreach of the firm globally in terms of educational consultancy?

Students guided by One Window are studying at multiple destinations across the world. Its clients are also from different countries like Sri Lanka, Philippines, USA, Dubai, Qatar, Nepal, Thailand, etc. Our USP is to provide services that can be delivered virtually through different modes i.e. Email, Phone Calls, Skype, etc.

7. What are the future prospects of your firm in terms of expansion?

With the growing digitisation in the world, One Window plans to become one of the leading companies to be present in every corner of the world. New tools will make the students get counselled in a way no one was counselled before. With the use of technology, it is going to be a whole new experience for the students. One Window’s New Office is going to set new standards in the whole overseas education consulting industry. It is going to be an amazing experience altogether.

About the Leaders

This entrepreneurial venture was founded by Anurag Jain, the Director and the visionary behind the success of One Window. He has driven the company with complete dedication and has ensured that each student gets into his/her dream institution for higher education.

He speaks to every student before their application process starts at One Window and also after it gets completed. As of today, One Window’s admission success rate is more than 95% because of the methods Anurag has developed which are used by each counsellor at One Window. His motivation towards work gets everyone in the office charged up and moving towards the mission of the company.

Ankit Jain, the Business Development Specialist, has taken up the reigns to make One Window rise with international standards and ethical code of conduct from among the other companies in the industry. He is responsible for getting numerous associations and tie-ups from international institutions. One Window, since its inception, has always been known for their ethical ways of running the business.

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