Outdoor Learning – A Key Prerequisite for Academic Excellence
Outdoor Learning
Outdoor Learning

For a long time, since the advent of formal education, students have been taught to stay within designated classrooms. This is where they would seek education and the place would stay a constant. This has remained the same ever since and students today are now accustomed to this method of education. But the perks of being educated in an outdoor set up are many and especially in the present scenario, needs to be implemented on a larger scale. It doesn’t have to be a daily or full day proceeding, but nonetheless a few hours out in the open will be of help to student’s health.

An Effective Remedy to Raise Concentration Levels

When students, be it young or old, are given a chance at being in any other environment apart from a classroom, they always learn something new. A change in space ones a while, gives the students mind a refreshment and in turn gives them a chance to concentrate better. Visiting places especially rich in greenery are definitely the most helpful for everyone. It is also something that the students deserve for all the daily tasks that their minds handle. It is always better to allow them the freedom to be explorative in their respective ways. The outdoors also helps in boosting the student’s interest in the subjects they’ve opted for. The best way to do this would be to make the outdoor trip or outing related to the chapter or subject being taught. Being outside usually helps in developing the creative aspect of their minds and helps them grow into curious individuals.

Apart from all this, students learn to take charge of their learning journey and this way the teachers can also insist on students setting personal targets for themselves. This is where children learn to take charge of their own decisions which improves their resilience, ability to work with others as well as problem solving skills.

Cultivation of Cognitive Abilities

Students relate to their surroundings better when they’re able to be among an environment which facilitates learning. Having a hands-on experience allows students to use their senses in a better manner. Instead of just being technologically inclined, being in the physical environment whether with natural or manmade attractions can bring a fresh change into the curriculum. When students are able to use their cognitive abilities, it can help in registering things better into their minds. This experience will also help students gain interest in their surroundings and the natural resources.

Refreshing the Mind

When subjected to hours in one room for multiple subjects the student’s mind may feel exhausted. This may in turn lead to lack of focus and interest in the particular subject. This is why it is extremely necessary to give the students the freedom to explore the outside often. It will

not only make the subjects interesting for them, but they will also be able to grasp the topics in a better manner. Having a session of informal learning can also help in giving the student’s mind a break from routine and help in relieving mental stress. Being in the open often stimulates the mind’s creative side which in turn helps in better and faster grasping ability. This makes it important for universities to implement a way of learning that will be useful for both the students as well the professors.

Emphasizing on Social and Communicative Skills

Outdoor dynamics usually provide a strong boost in the levels of interest towards a particular subject, which is probably why students prefer a game class. This is due to the freedom and space they’re provided while learning. Such a method allows children to communicate among one another and develop their social skills as well. Classrooms usually tend to promote concentration in silence, but a healthy discussion with the peers is also essential. Activities conducted in an unrestricted environment, be it as individuals or in groups can help in creating a communicative bond between the classmates.

Improving Overall Health

It is already known that in a world dominated by technology, it’s always better to wander around and take in the external surroundings. Youngsters today are getting used to a sedentary lifestyle at a very early stage in their lives. This may tend to be harmful to them in the future by subjecting them to risks of obesity and related health complexities. In fact, an author by the name Richard Louv has coined a term called nature deficit disorder, which is just a description of how alienating oneself from nature can have harmful effects on human’s lives. In order to avoid this, it’s always wiser to let youngsters explore the outdoors as just being there can help in defusing stress and boosting concentration levels.

People today are always involved in a busy schedule along with trying to make time for their personal lives. This is where students are losing access to the freedom of playing or learning outdoors. Nonetheless, implementing this on a large scale will not only help benefit the children’s journey of learning but will also enhance the significance of nature in their day-to-day lives.


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