Parenting: A Guide to Raise Responsible Individuals
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Children are the future of humanity, nurtured by the predecessors. Kids are often compared to soft clay and the comparison is apt. They are more of the imitators who start learning by imitating others, mostly the elders. As they spend their early days at home, it is very important to provide them a right atmosphere for their exemplary upbringing. The importance of right or rather say scientific parenting is most important at the initial time.

The biological designation of ‘parent’ does not justify the gravity of the word. It takes a lot of patience and knowledge to educate a kid for a better future. Thus there are a number of ways in which parenting can be redefined according to the kid’s requirement.

Education is not something that makes one aware of the syllabus and the chapters of books. It is something that molds the human mind to become the best version of it, and thus the true education starts in the early days of life for a better physical, mental and social stimulus.

What is ‘Right’ Parenting?

A very important question people wonder about, what is called right parenting, and mostly the answers to these are like ‘we are sending our kids in the top school of the country’ or ‘we are spending a lot of money in their upbringing’ etc. Now do we ever think that though, the schools and other factors are important, we mostly ignore the psychological betterment of a kid!

Psychological Betterment

The term is too deep, indeed. Understanding a kid’s mind is important. What is the child’s nature? How the child reacts in a certain situation? What is he/she good or bad at? Knowing these answers is very important for the parents to appreciate the differences of that child better.

These are some simple ways to add a generous and lovable atmosphere for the kids:

  • Try to enhance the aesthetic sense of the kid
  • Indulge them in colours and paints
  • Introduce them to the games that need concentration
  • Teach them to be compassionate with others
  • Train them to value things and time
  • Respecting elders, girls and people beneath their social status is essential
  • Importance of hygiene
  • Let them spend a lot of time surrounded by nature, i.e. park, garden, playground, jungle or any natural surroundings.

Healthy Diet

Diet is very important and it is of significance to understand its benefits. Try to save the kids from any outside foods, packaged food or any junk food items. Introduce them to a lot of green vegetables and fruits and food with high fibre and minerals. It is also immensely essential not to get swayed by fake promises of advertisements for healthy drinks and protein drinks or packaged fruit juice.

Kids are Social Beings

Very often, we subconsciously introduce the kids to the power of money and social, religious and economic difference as well. These aspects leave a deep impact on a kid’s mind which is followed by devastating effect in later life. It is imperative to keep the kids away from these thoughts and proper handling of the situation is very important since the early days where kids can grow with a social freedom, impacting positively the society as well as their own lives.

Parenting is a crucial sector and needs a lot of work. Before educating a child the parents must understand certain things for themselves. Otherwise, the effort will go for a toss. Always remember the kid’s behaviour, attitude and conducts are just the reflection of the parents’ orientation for him/her.

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