Parul Institute of Medical Sciences & Research: Fortifying the Noble Essence of the Medical Profession
Parul Institute of Medical Sciences & Research
Parul Institute of Medical Sciences & Research

Medical professionals exemplify an unwavering dedication to serving humankind. Their profound expertise and adept decision-making abilities can significantly impact critical situations. They relentlessly toil, often sacrificing their personal life, to respond to emergencies and continuously enhance their knowledge and skills for the betterment of their patients.

Patients repose immense trust in their healthcare providers, entrusting them with intimate details about their well-being and personal lives. Hence, this noble profession demands unwavering integrity, ethical conduct, and the utmost adherence to patient confidentiality, further augmenting the noble essence of the medical field.

Medical professionals are devoted to staying at the forefront of the latest research, technological advancements, and medical practices. They invest substantial time and effort in pursuing continuing education and professional development, showcasing an unwavering commitment to excellence that bolsters the noble character of their profession.

To cultivate such exemplary professionals, the role of medical institutions is pivotal. Parul Institute of Medical Sciences & Research epitomizes a progressive medical institution that seamlessly integrates a focus on the finest and innovative medical education, translational research, advanced skill-building, technology adaptation, and expert quality healthcare with a compassionate touch.

Unique Educational Initiatives

The institute is set apart by its unique educational initiatives, like the incorporation of skill enhancement modules across the MBBS programme (over and above those mandated by the National medical commission), innovative teaching-learning pedagogies, a special ‘Beyond the Classroom’ lecture series for enriching exposure to students, excellent clinical exposure at one of the largest tertiary care accredited teaching hospitals, a robust research culture right from undergraduate level, special training for national as well as international competitive examinations, a Govt. of Gujarat – SSIP scheme supported incubator for early stage start-ups.

Apart from the advanced smart classrooms, well-equipped laboratories and museums, the institute has India’s finest state-of-art Skills & Simulation Centre – PRAGYA, advanced research centres and laboratories, state of the art 600 capacity auditorium, a smart health informatics laboratory, a dedicated innovation space and incubation centre, one of its kind Medical education unit.

Delivering Health Awareness

A dedicated health outreach department works around the year to deliver health awareness and preventive as well as curative services to the most remote through the institute’s multiple peripheral health centres, mobile health vans, health camps, and health awareness programmes.

The institute is playing a major role in the advancement of medical care in India by providing quality healthcare services of tertiary scale at a massive level to the people at a cost absolutely affordable to all. More than 4 lakh patients at the outpatient level and 50000 patients at the IPD level are treated annually at the hospital. More than 25000 patients are treated at peripheral centres and through outreach initiatives.

The hospital caters to patients from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. It also has peripheral centres in other states, and regular outreach health activities are performed in these states as well.

Imparting Adequate Skills

At present, two batches of MBBS students have passed out from the college, and more than 60 per cent of the students have secured admission to post-graduation in reputed institutes across the country.

The college has a dedicated and stringent clinical training programme and internship of one year to ensure adequate skills imparting to the students.

Right from the first year of the MBBS programme, students start with their pre-clinical exposure to hospital and simulation lab experience.

From 2nd year, students are posted in clinical areas on a rotation basis every day in the morning time. Students are engaged in various activities like OPDs, indoor patient rounds, surgeries, labour room duties, ICU and Emergency room duties and more. Students learn through bedside teaching, case presentations, ward teachings, group discussions etc.

The institute offers a thorough internship programme in which students are posted as junior doctors in various departments, and they actually perform all the procedures, take part in the decision-making of patients and learn as they perform all the job roles. All students maintain a proper log book of clinical postings as well as internships.

The students and faculty jointly work towards the common goal of attaining the graduate attributes and fulfilling the outcomes of the MBBS programme. Students align themselves regularly in the research projects being undertaken in various departments by the faculty. Also, students participate in flipped classroom methodologies regularly, ensuring student-centric and participatory learning.

Students and faculty jointly organize various academic programmes like quizzes, workshops, and CMEs as additional exposure.

Innovative Teaching-learning Methodologies

The Institute enjoys a dedicated medical education unit, which continuously works towards updating the curriculum as well as teaching pedagogies. Students are continuously kept engaged and motivated through innovative teaching-learning methodologies, field visits, micro teachings, play-based activities like treasure hunts etc., cinematic education and more. A dedicated module for AETCOM (Attitude and Communication) has been developed for grooming the students in the same. Elective subjects of interest like AI in healthcare, Health informatics are also offered to students to keep aligned with the updating technology.

Student clubs form an active part of the institute, and every year, an extracurricular event named CONFLUENCE is conducted by students and multiple cultural, literature and sports activities and competitions are conducted under it. All batches of students participate in the same. The Institute’s students are also motivated to participate in University-level, State-level and National-level events and competitions.

Envisioning Better Future

The vision of the Institute is to be amongst the top 10 Medical Institutes at the National level. It aspires to participate in NIRF ranking as a medical institute next year and be in the top 10 institutes. After attaining the national accreditation – NABH for the hospital, it aspires to attain global accreditation next year.

The institute’s vision is to be the topmost institute imparting the best skills to its students through its advanced Simulation Centre. It aims to enhance further its research capabilities with a dedicated state-of-the-art research facility.

Long List of Honors

Getting NAAC – A++ accreditation is one of the key achievements for the university. It was also ranked amongst the top 200 Universities across the country.

The institute is amongst very few Medical Colleges across the country that have a 1.8 Cr grant sanctioned by the Education Department under the Student Start-up and Innovation Policy for supporting early-stage start-ups and innovations.

It is also among very few Private Medical colleges to have ongoing ICMR grants for 5 National Research projects simultaneously.

Continuing the mark of excellence, the hospital has been awarded PMJAY ‘Gold Quality Certificate’ from the Quality Council of India. The hospital is also awarded ‘Excellence in Healthcare’ by SKOCH Group Hospital and marks its presence as Best Institution in Healthcare – awarded by FGI (Federation of Gujarat Industries). The hospital holds the award ‘Best Hospital in Region for Holistic Approach in COVID’ by ELETS India.

It is the first medical college hospital in India to launch a completely digital hospital initiative along with NABH and NABL certification. It has a dedicated Clinical Research Department inside the hospital for facilitating robust clinical research.

The hospital excelled as a holistic care and cure provider for COVID-19 as a 600 bedded Designated COVID Hospital, having treated more than 5000 COVID positive patients. The hospital had a dedicated COVID Isolation ward and ICU offering care as per the need of the patient. With the increasing demand for Ventilators and ICUs, the hospital set up a dedicated 55 Bedded COVID ICU. Apart from the general ward, 25 private rooms have been created to offer isolation facilities, all beds with oxygen lines. A 2000KL oxygen tank was installed to meet the oxygen demands.

Understanding that this pandemic requires emotional and mental support along with the medications, the hospital developed a unique Holistic Care and Cure approach (combining AYUSH, physiotherapy, and mental wellness activities along with the Allopathy treatment) to meet patients’ needs. The hospital also facilitated the home quarantine package, wherein doctors telephonically ensured the patient’s condition on a daily basis.

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