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The Leading Sports and Fitness Providers of the Year

What was that one period in school that excited you the most? Making a conscious choice, most of you would answer mathematics, sciences, art, and even Languages. However, we all know that the most excited class in our schooling was the Sports and Fitness class. Being young and energetic in school, the games period was something that excited everyone. Though it was seen as a fun activity back then, it led to the foundation of leading a healthy life for students.

The sports and fitness industry are one of the most celebrated industries worldwide. Coming to India, the country celebrates every cricket match taking place in the country as a festival, is also home to some of the most popular global sporting faces in the world. Let that be the former World Chess Champion Vishwanathan Anand, the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, or even the record-breaking athlete Milkha Singh, India has given many superstars to the world.

However, the concerning aspect for a country that is constantly producing some of the world’s greatest athletes and fitness professionals is its ignorance towards sports and fitness as a career. Though the industry landscape is changing, considering the country’s huge population, the ratio of youngsters choosing sports and fitness as a profession is significantly less.

For a country that has such a rich history of Akahada, Kushti, Archery, etc., it is pretty disheartening to see very few people choosing sports and fitness as a career. To find a solution to this, the Government of India and many other Education Societies have prioritised Sports and Fitness. They have been extensively promoting it to encourage the youth of India to have a career in sports and fitness. The country houses some of the world’s finest sports and fitness institutes with the near to perfect infrastructure.

For this edition of The Knowledge Review, we ventured throughout the country to find the Leading Sports and Fitness Providers of the Year. These sports and fitness providers have dedicated and enhanced the changing paradigm of the sporting and fitness industry.

The institutes, academics, and sports schools we came across for this edition encourage the youth to have a career in sports and provide them with an ample amount of opportunities that will take them one step closer to their dream.

Let this edition be the guide for you in choosing the right coach for your career in sports and fitness. This edition will also shed some light on the sporting and fitness industry insights that one should know before catering to the industry.

Hope this edition serves its purpose and have a happy read!

  • Ashlesh Khadse

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