Personalised Gift Ideas for Every Type of Person

Does your brain freeze whenever you try to think of new gift ideas? Do you dread buying a gift that will be seen as dull and basic? Do you want to gift your close ones something unique for an occasion or as a sign of appreciation?

Maybe it is time for you to start considering personalised gifts. A personalised gift is an item that has been picked or tailored, keeping the recipient in mind. It speaks volumes about the effort you have put in making it special.

The personalisation could be anything, from engraving names, initials, or photos to adding a personal touch to the gift in the form of meaningful quotes, inside jokes or excerpts from one’s favourite book, etc.

There are plenty of sites like Artfia, where you can find a wide variety of personalised gifts. Do you not know where to start? Here is a list of personalised gift ideas that can be gifted to anyone in your life.

Magic Mugs

You cannot go wrong with a mug, especially if it is magic (just science!). A magic mug looks plain enough until you pour something hot into it. Then its surface will change and show whatever design you’ve chosen. It’s a gift that will delight everyone.


Notebooks are useful for scribbling notes or filling up with doodles. It is a vehicle for boundless creativity that can be gifted to almost anyone. You can make a notebook more attractive by adding beautiful designs to its cover. You can choose pre-designed covers or design something from scratch.

Photo Tiles

Change your favourite memories together into a wall decoration with photo tiles. Get creative with these; maybe add a tile with a floral design. It is all up to you to create a collage and beautify a wall. These tiles usually come with adhesive stick-on, meaning walls won’t be damaged with nails.


Do you think t-shirts as a gift is a cliché? Well, it does not have to be. Make your own t shirt online to make them more personal and memorable. Add a funny quote or an old photo. Keep it simple or detailed. Choose a quality t-shirt and start personalising.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are great for grocery shopping, work, picnic, gym or small getaways. You can gift it to anyone, and rest easy knowing your gift will be useful. Make the bag funkier and more attractive—print photos of yourselves or their pets on it.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Stainless steel bottles are a sturdy business. It is insulated too. Meaning, your close ones can bring some white-hot coffee to a picnic without turning it into tepid tap water. You can find steel bottles with colour customisation pretty easily. Personalise it further by printing a name, artwork or maybe an inspirational line on its surface.


Stickers come in all shapes and sizes. And they look great on almost anything. Slap one on a laptop, or a fridge, or any other surface. Now imagine if you can design a sticker from scratch. Now that is a cute little personalised gift!

Which one of these ideas will you be using for your next gifting occasion? Overall, personalising your gifts will add that impact that no other regular gifts can. So, if you are buying gifts, make it more personal to make a lasting impression.

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