Philippines and Chinese Universities And Colleges Form Alliances

Ten Philippine higher education institutions (HEIs) have signed memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with Chinese HEIs to strengthen cooperation through people exchanges and resource mobilization. This partnership was formalized during the Philippines-China University President Cooperation Dialogue and Networking Session in China, hosted by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) of the Philippines. CHEd is actively supporting Philippine public universities in pursuing international initiatives to enhance the quality of education and foster global exposure for students and faculty.

The MOUs reflect a joint statement made by the Philippine and Chinese Presidents during the Philippine leader’s visit to China in January, where higher education was identified as a priority area for collaboration. The partnerships between Philippine and Chinese HEIs cover a range of areas, including educational exchanges, collaborative research projects, student exchanges, joint academic programs, and international mobility for students and faculty.

Some of the notable collaborations include Mariano Marcos State University partnering with the Center of International Education of Guangzhou Xinhua University for transnational education in various fields, José Rizal University collaborating with Guiyang Institute of Humanities and Technology for research and student exchanges, and the University of Cordillera partnering with multiple Chinese universities for student mobility and faculty Ph.D. studies.

These partnerships are expected to promote academic progress, cultural exchange, and collaborative development between Philippine and Chinese HEIs, further enriching the higher education landscape in both countries.

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