Physiotherapy: Beneficial and Painless Treatment

Health is the greatest treasure a man can have. Staying healthy and keeping our body fit is a task that each one of us should consider in our daily routine. There are times when our body is in pain due to internal or external factors. There are some pains that require surgeries to get rid of and others that can be cured through methods like physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, etc.

Physiotherapy is a type of treatment for pain, injuries, muscle damages, etc. This treatment usually does not include any surgery or medicines. It is a very simple and painless type of therapy. Basically, the treatment includes physical exercises, manual therapy, educating the patient regarding their condition, advising changes in their lifestyle, etc.

Physical Therapy helps people of all ages with medical conditions to return back to their prior level of functioning. It encourages activities and lifestyle changes that can improve the overall health and eliminate further injuries. Let’s learn some benefits of physiotherapy here.

Avoid Surgery: In many cases the best option of cure seems to be surgery. However, going through physiotherapy first is always better. Many times it can altogether eliminate the need of surgery. Even if after the physical therapy there still remains a need of surgery, the surgery becomes easier to go through and is less painful.

Alleviate Pain: There are many categories that pain can be divided into, however, the most heard ones are acute and chronic pain. Acute pains are the sudden pains that we have. Chronic pains can be said as pains that last longer than six months. Physiotherapists have the knowledge of determining the type of pain and treating it accordingly. Methods like manual therapy or therapeutic exercises are used to heal the pain. They find the source of the pain and cure it right from the root of it.

Improve Mobility: With age, we face problems like knee pain, hip pain, heel pain or back pain, which makes our movement very restricted. Any problems with movement can be cured through physiotherapy. Strengthening and stretching exercises help restore your ability to move around freely. A customized care plan is made according to the lifestyle and issue of the patient. The individual care plan helps you adapt to your lifestyle easily.

Improves Post Surgical Recovery: A surgery is a painful procedure and healing after a surgery is a time consuming affair. After a surgery, there may be a time period of restricted activity. This causes muscle atrophy, weakness, etc. Proper care must be taken of all such things to recover swiftly. Poor pain management can also delay post surgery recovery. Physiotherapy helps in the process of rehabilitation with the help of safe and customized treatment.

Recovery from Stroke: Generally, the degree of movement and activity is reduced after having a stroke. Physical therapy allows stroke patients to move around the house and get their chores done independently. Activities like toileting, bathing, dressing, etc. can be performed individually by them. It strengthens the body parts that were weakened due to the stroke.

As we can see there are many reasons to visit a physiotherapist. It is not necessary that only after an accident or surgery do we need physiotherapy. There are numerous benefits of physical therapy to all age groups of human beings. Just like consulting any other doctor, we should consult physiotherapists for all kinds of pains and discomforts in our body. Physiotherapy can not only improve your health without medication, it can also improve your lifestyle for a better future.

-Shreevarshita Gupta

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