Pooja Shivani: An Inspiring Personality Empowering Women
Pooja Shivani
Pooja Shivani

Public speakers connect with their audiences by tackling the concerns they encounter in the intricate landscape of the contemporary world. These thought leaders captivate their audience with exciting topics supporting or addressing their problems. With their ability to uplift and inspire, these thought leaders educate and empower people worldwide.

Pooja Shivani, Site Reliability Engineer at Oracle and Co-founder at Senya is a radiant personality who inspires thousands of young minds to pursue their passions and succeed. She supports and nurtures young girls, pointing them toward empowerment. She commands the stage and gives passionate performances that showcase her expertise, and abilities.

She believes in rising with others and mentoring young women to establish careers, making her a Google Women TechMaker.

The Knowledge Review was privileged to interview Pooja to learn more about Senya and her wisdom and strategies.

Below are the excerpts from the interview:

Kindly elaborate on a brief overview of your journey that led you to become a public speaker.

“Real success lies in empowering others.” Taking the road less traveled does not intimidate me; instead, it brings out the best in me. As the first girl to enroll in the science class at my school in a small town in Madhya Pradesh, I was not expected to excel, but my humble family’s strong values and support gave me the wings to fly. Through diligent study and determination, I achieved the third position on the merit list of Madhya Pradesh, securing 95per cent of the recognition honored by the chief minister.

Unfortunately, destiny had its plans; my father suffered a stroke when it was time to apply for higher studies, which made me emotionally vulnerable. In light of this, I decided to stay back in my town and pursue my studies at a local college, taking care of my father. Despite my impatience, I viewed it as a pause rather than a complete stop. Nevertheless, I forged ahead without regrets, fuelled by hope and perseverance.

Eager to grow and enhance my exposure, I pursued a post-graduate diploma in Big Data Analytics from CDAC, Pune. The program opened doors to my career at Nokia and later Oracle. My journey thus far has instilled the confidence to carve my path and navigate life.

It was during this time that I felt a deep desire to bridge the gap for women from small towns who were interested in STEM, which motivated me to start mentoring young women in their careers and be a role model for the girls in my locality, which eventually led me to become a Google Women TechMakers.

Can you share the mission and vision of you and your organization?

Being a Co-founder at Senya is a true enabler of my Indian dream of entrepreneurship, an initiative for college girls feeling lost in their careers and actively seeking support. We support and train girls with basic finance and investment knowledge, providing them with the necessary resources to flourish.

As I dedicated myself to uplifting others, I found a sense of fulfillment in these endeavors. My journey taught me that success lies in personal achievements and empowering others.

Can you share some challenges you’ve faced as a public speaker?

Usually, People with 10 + years of experience are seen as Public Speaker, but I broke this stereotype and became a Public Speaker. Your knowledge matters, not the years of experience you hold.

How did you overcome the challenges?

I proved myself on the stage through my skills, knowledge, and abilities. I believe in Just breaking the bias and ruling the world.

How do you handle unexpected situations during a live speaking engagement?

I handle unexpected situations during a live speaking engagement by following a simple rule, being calm and composed, and letting the audience bring it on. I believe in defeating obstacles with wit and intellect.

Can you share any specific techniques or tools you use to engage your audience during speaking events?

I use Quickfire chat sessions, chit-games, and fun activities to keep the audience interested while giving a speech.

Kindly share noteworthy awards or recognitions you have received.

A few of my valued achievements are:

  • Certificate of Appreciation from Manipal University, Jaipur
  • Core Designer Certificate from Data iku
  • Oracle Certified Foundations Associate Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Scrum Alliance CSM Certified
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Data Fundamentals

Can you highlight a memorable speaking engagement that significantly impacted your audience and what made it stand out?

I hosted a Tech talk on “Fostering Google Community” at a small college in a Tier-3 city in India. I discussed launching the Google Developer Student Club by sharing the processes and requirements. Students from villages and small towns came to know about this club and were excited and enthusiastic to join it. The smiles and curiosity on their faces fulfilled my mission as a Public Speaker.

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