Postsecondary Students in Nunavut to Get an Additional $500 per Semester
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A dose of good news was delivered to Nunavut post-secondary students on Monday in the legislative assembly.

New temporary assistance for Inuit students engaged in the territory’s Financial Assistance for Nunavut Students, or FANS, program was announced by Education Minister Pamela Gross.

According to Gross’s statement, “Every student will now be eligible who receive $500, called a wellness benefit, per semester,” noting the high expense of living in the territory.

Together with representatives from Nunavut Tunngavik Inc., the Department of Education is conducting a thorough evaluation of the FANS program, which offers financial aid to Nunavut students enrolled in post-secondary education.

The Department of Education stated in a news release on Tuesday that the objective is to “completely revamp and re-envision” FANS.

“It is clear from the review’s work that more funding and other forms of comprehensive support are required to better support our college and university students’ success,” Gross stated in the assembly of legislators.

Although her department is aware that students currently require more support, she stated that redesigning the FANS program will require time.

According to Gross, the new wellness benefit will be available until the updated FANS program is implemented.

The Education Department will get in touch with eligible Inuit students who have already registered with FANS, and they should receive the new wellness benefit in a few weeks.

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