Practical Tips and Hacks to Make Your International Student’s Life Easier
International Student

Just like their local counterparts, international students have a busy life, from studies and part-time work to sports and projects. This can be overwhelming, especially when the students are trying to settle in and adapt to the new culture and environment.

However, the school administration, guardians, and parents can work closely with international students to make their life easier. Fortunately, there are many ways to achieve this. This article shares popular tips and hacks.

Let Them Live Closer to School

Many international schools have hostels within the school compound. Furthermore, there could be private houses for students around the school. This is where international students should live to reduce commute time and avoid unfamiliar areas.

Parents, guardians, and school administration should help international students secure these houses to give them an easier time. Many of them may not know how to go about this unless they are assisted.

Let Them Join a Popular Web Portal

There are many active web portals helping thousands of international students get the information they need to live an easy life. It could be a portal specific to the school they are in, the state or country, or region.

Reputable portals such as Interstride are rich with information on school admissions, the best international schools, the best places to live as a student, part-time work opportunities, and a thriving community, among others. It is essential to be a member of such a portal.

Help Them Make Friends

Apart from using a portal where they can get information, international students should socialize and interact with other people to learn more and gain life experience. They need guidance and resources to interact, socialize, choose friends, and be happy.

According to experts, making friends locally and from other countries will make their life very easy, even when faced with challenges. Even in real-life, social interactions really help people grow.

Help Them Plan Their Studies

The main aim for international students to be in school is to study and achieve good grades or discover their talents. Some are on scholarships, and the sponsors need positive results. It is prudent that the students get the relevant help to plan their studies and balance this well with other activities.

Some students need close supervision to maintain good grades or improve them. Therefore, guardians, sponsors, parents, school tutors, and society should monitor them closely and offer the necessary guidance.

Help Them Plan Their Finances

Whether international students are financing themselves through part-time jobs or relying on parents and sponsors, they need to have financial management skills or guidance. Many could be tempted to live beyond their means due to peer influence or divert their finances to unnecessary things.

Again, they should be monitored closely and get the financial management skill they deserve. You can offer them financial planning books, websites, seminars, or one-on-one guidance until they can make the best financial decisions and manage their budgets well.

Final Thought

You can make the life of international students easy in very many ways. We have shared popular tips and hacks to help them settle in, get to know people, manage their finances, and settle down to study as fast as possible. You can also add others to your bucket list and ensure that they implement them.

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