Prof. (Dr.) Rajiv Mishra: Leading the Way in Education and Beyond 
Prof. (Dr.) Rajiv Mishra

Effective leaders have great inspirational qualities. True leaders are gifted with exceptional influencing and charismatic qualities, which can drive others to deliver their best or demonstrate excellence in performance to exceed expectations. What sets a leader from a manager is the fact that managers ensure smooth organizational functioning by merely taking care of policy-related matters, strategies, systems, and structures. On the other hand, inspirational leaders play a crucial role in inspiring their teams and motivating teams to achieve superior performance benchmarks through continuous learning and improvement.

Prof. (Dr). Rajiv Mishra embodies these qualities and is a visionary leader and an accomplished academician with extensive experience in the field of education. With a career spanning over two decades, Dr. Mishra has made significant contributions to the field of higher education and is widely recognized for his expertise in the areas of hospitality and tourism.

As the Dean and Professor of the School of Hospitality & Tourism at Galgotias University in Greater Noida, Dr. Mishra has played a vital role in shaping the academic curriculum and developing innovative programs that prepare students for successful careers in the hospitality and tourism industry. His passion for teaching has inspired and mentored numerous students who have gone on to become successful professionals.

Dr. Mishra’s dedication to excellence and commitment to creating a better future for the next generation makes him a true inspiration to all who have worked with him. His unwavering passion for education and ability to inspire and motivate others to achieve their full potential is truly remarkable, and his contributions to the field of education will be remembered incessantly.

Becoming an Erudite Academician
Prof. (Dr.) Rajiv Mishra began his professional journey in the hospitality industry as a Hospitality Professional with The Leela Palace Kempinski in Bangalore. He was the first alumnus of the four-year bachelor’s degree program in hotel management from Srinivas College of Hotel Management, Mangalore University, Mangalore, which is now known as Srinivas Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism, Srinivas University, Mangaluru.

As he progressed in his career, Dr. Mishra started acquiring more scholastic credentials, qualifications, accomplishments, and attainments in the domain of Hospitality & Tourism, which further motivated him to join the noble profession of teaching and erudition.

He earned a dual Master’s degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management and a Doctorate in Management. He was adorned as a ‘Fellow’ of the Institute of Hospitality, London; ‘Fellow’ of the Hospitality International Standards, Malaysia; ‘Fellow’ of the Management and Business Research Council, USA; ‘Fellow’ of the Institute of Scholars, India; and ‘Fellow’ of the Centre for Education Growth and Research, India. The Union Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India awarded his ‘Doctoral Research Thesis,’ for its credibility, novelty, and asserted exploration.
After gaining extensive experience and expertise in the hospitality industry, Dr. Mishra became an erudite academician and proficient academic administrator with a rich inclination in academic administration and consulting, hospitality and tourism didactics, learning and development, research, operations, and relationship management.His distinguished career spanning over two decades has made him an effective professional and human being.

Dr. Mishra is inspired by the adventure and joy of teaching and the motivation to educate and transform young individuals into future business leaders, professionals, and good citizens. He is a keen and avid learner with technological innovations and a passion for new knowledge and skills, which makes him an asset in his profession. His quote, “The hospitality industry deals with two basic needs of human beings – food and shelter, a vista which can never wane away with time,” reflects his deep understanding of the industry and its significance.
However, his journey toward achieving this dream has not been without challenges. Transitioning from Manipal, Karnataka, to Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, to take up a new responsibility was a difficult decision for Dr. Mishra that took eight months of consideration.

Consulting with colleagues, friends, relatives, and higher management, he was able to make an accurate, firm, and positive decision with the support and guidance of those around him.
Grateful for his team in the new organization, who provided all the support, guidance, and facilitation to make him comfortable in his new journey, role, and responsibility; Dr. Rajiv attributes his colleagues as a wonderful and reliable team for supporting him for all his desired goals.

Moulding Future Leaders
The hospitality & tourism industry is one that requires passionate and dedicated educators and administrators, and for Dr. Rajiv Mishra, this has become his life’s purpose. With a goal to inspire and motivate learners and students while also educating them to become successful business leaders, he has dedicated his career to achieving their dreams.

Critical thinking and communication skills are emphasized in his teachings, as he believes these skills are vital in every profession. He also focuses on teamwork, problem-solving skills, adaptability, entrepreneurialism, curiosity, and imagination to prepare students for future careers.

Dr. Rajiv aims to motivate student engagement in a personalized and simulated learning environment through relationship management and soft-skills training, including societal and community obligations.
As an educator and administrator, his ultimate aim is to mould & transform students into good citizens first and then as good professionals by imparting various life skills and decision-making abilities, and aptitudes.

Transforming Education to Transform India
Dr. Mishra firmly believes in transforming society through education and setting academic standards in dynamic equilibrium with its social, ecological, and economic impact. As the Dean of the School of Hospitality and Tourism, Galgotias University, he oversees its growth and development while ensuring national and international branding. He is an expert in analysing market demands and encourages his students to become more outgoing and interactive, emphasizing critical thinking and communication skills.

Dr. Mishra also believes in instilling a deep-rooted pride in being Indian and in global well-being, thereby reflecting a truly global citizen. He stresses the importance of the foundational pillars viz. access, affordability, equity, quality, and accountability as an integral part of the present education system. He places much importance on student engagement using relationship management and soft-skills training, including societal and community obligations, in a personalized and simulated learning environment.

Dr. Mishra’s approach to education is comprehensive and aimed at creating a knowledgeable and responsible society. His passion for excellence in education, research, and technological service to the nation is evident in his every action. He firmly believes that Indian education should take a holistic approach to create a scholastic society.

Imperatives for Inspiring Youth
As an educational leader, Prof. (Dr.) Rajiv Mishra believes his role and responsibility towards his students are crucial in shaping their future. He acknowledges the constantly changing imperatives and strategies that need to be adapted to meet the needs of the hour and the situation. To achieve this, he strives to provide learners with all-around development so that they can fit into any stream of life and profession and become good citizens of the country.

To inspire the youth to become fearless and inspirational leaders and create innovative changes in the country, Prof. Mishra believes that inspiration is the biggest strength and benefit to motivate and prepare students for a brighter future. He encourages student engagement sessions and addresses their queries, thoughts, and ambiguity in a positive and constructive way.

He provides confidence and faith in his students, invigorating them for their own ability to succeed. He empowers students to create their own constructive learning paths and also helps them to become interested and curious about their future goals.

In addition, Dr. Mishra continues to follow various imperatives for inspiring the youth, such as blended learning, authentic learning experiences, collaborative learning, extension activities, local community involvement, and non-cognitive competencies like social and emotional learning.

He believes in project-based learning, which enhances critical thinking and develops 21st-century skills like creativity, collaboration, and leadership. He also emphasizes the importance of personalized learning and providing multiple means of representation and engagement to stimulate interest and motivation for learning.

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