Protect your trailers, caravans and vehicles with wheel clamps when you go away

Whether you are going away on holiday with a caravan or trailer, or you have a vehicle at home that you do not use that often, a wheel clamp would be a good way to protect that vehicle from theft.

How do they work?

A wheel clamp is a device designed to clamp onto one of the wheels of your vehicle to render it immovable. They come in different sizes and sometimes even colours, although usually, they are yellow. A wheel clamp needs to cover at least one of the nuts on your wheel but it can cover more or all of them, depending on the design.


As already mentioned, wheel clamps come in different sizes. Make sure to measure your wheels properly before buying a wheel clamp so you can get the one that fits properly.

Construction and durability

When buying a wheel clamp, it is good to check how it is constructed and how durable the materials are. After all, the idea of clamping is to make it harder or impossible for someone to steal your vehicle while you are away from it. A well-made, strong clamp will deter even a determined thief and send him or her looking elsewhere for an easier target.

Ease of use

The final point that you should consider is how easy it is going to be for you to use the clamp. If you are travelling with a caravan or trailer and want to have a clamp with you to prevent theft of your vehicle while you are sightseeing, a clamp that is easier for you to handle will be a better option. Some clamps can be heavy and hard to adjust, however they do provide better security. Such clamps will be more suited for vehicles that are not used so often. That nice caravan or trailer is just sitting outside of your house waiting for the summer holiday when you will take them out of the driveway. In such instances, it can be better to have something more secure that you will not have to worry about having to change often.

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