Public Speaking is an Essential ingredient in Personality Development and Career Excellence
Public Speaking
Public Speaking

Many people feel that public speaking does not contribute in effective communication, and hence, it is not important. Parents continue to pay attention on the academics and extra-curricular development of their wards. But, they do not realize how important the development of effective communication and public speaking skills is for their children. It is true that academics and extra-curricular activities are important, but parents should not overlook the significance of public speaking.

Public Speaking boosts Confidence

Public speaking plays the critical role of equipping child with the skills to analyze a topic, think logically, frame meaningful sentences, and present their thoughts in front of the audience. By learning how to speak in public, students will be able to build their self-confidence. For most individuals, public speaking is one of the most prevalent fears. Mastering their skill in this difficult task can help them in gaining the confidence they will need to face future challenges.

Speaking regularly in public will make students comfortable around other people, including strangers. Once an individual starts expressing their views in front of many people (including some strangers), they will feel comfortable and can open up in front of many people. Regular public speaking sessions will make individuals feel that it is nothing to smile, shake hands, and meet and greet new people. It will make them confident and they will find interviews and group discussions easy to handle in the future.

Ensuring Career Advancement

Public speaking helps individuals to brush up their verbal and non-verbal communication skills. It assists them in converting a written content into compelling, meaningful, and vocal message. As result, people with the ability to dive into public speaking and related communication skills become popular among prospective employers. Moreover, better communication skills also help one to grab a promotion opportunity in organizations. Most of the leading business schools in the world pay utmost importance to oral communication as one of the top skills relevant to overall job success.

Effective public speaking assists people to make a difference in their business, community, and the world. By sharing their ideas and opinions in public, people can inspire others to take necessary steps to make their dreams come true and their lives better. When an individual understands the importance of public speaking, they also understand that they can better persuade people when they are able to appeal to them just like any normal human being. The key to effective public speaking is distinguishing the audience, i.e., bosses, employees, clients, and so on, and thinking them as people with real problems, hopes, and fears. This will overcome one’s nervousness, and help them to tackle the situation at hand. By learning the art of public speaking, individuals can boost their value and performance in any arena ranging from school, home,

office, events, and so on. Mastering public speaking skills unlocks doors of greater opportunities in the field of education, occupation, business, and more.

Building better Human Beings

The first step that career-minded students should take is honing their public speaking skills. They should dedicate resources and spend time to nurture themselves as good speakers. Speaking in seminars, gatherings, and events give us the opportunity to grow not only as an individual, but also, as a leader; this, in turn, guides us towards a bright career. Public speaking helps to succeed in our profession in various ways.

Many people in the corporate world dread public speaking. They are afraid of failure and becoming a laughing stock in front of their colleagues. But, if somehow, they manage to stand in front of their office mates and express their opinions on a certain topic, they will feel much better. It will give them to confidence to speak often during similar occasions, and interact more with their colleagues.

Speaking in front of many people will give an individual recognition. Their colleagues will look up to them as leaders and will respect them for voicing their opinions. Inspiring public speeches will make individuals more visible. Also, chances are there that, their colleagues will approach them for suggestions on various issues.

Unleashing the Leader within

Speaking in public is a powerful and impressive way that can change people’s perspective about something. If an individual can change the heart and mind of people during his speech, then it can be said they are already nurturing their leadership skills. If they can express their opinions properly among a group of people, then it is possible that they can do the same in a more individualized setting. Leaders should possess the ability to drive change and influence others; public speaking skills play a very important role in enhancing that ability.

Enhancing Connection and Exploring Potential

Individuals with effective speaking skills have the ability to be passionate at the right moments and vulnerable and the right time. As such, the audience connects with them more as a human being. This helps them to develop alliances and trustworthy and empathetic relationship with the audience. Public speaking also helps people to analyze their performance and their interaction with the audience. How they respond to audience’s reactions, their comments and questions also plays an important role in building their character. It also provides them an important lesson of how to behave with people.

Parents, teachers, and students should give due importance to public speaking. It plays a very important role in boosting one’s confidence, enhances interaction, and improvement of people’s pronunciation, sentence formation, articulation, and so on. It helps individuals to grow as a person, not only for educational and professional growth, but for personal and spiritual transformation as well.

 – Ananda Kamal Das

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