Pulastya Legal Services LLP: Delivering the Next Generation of World-class Legal Professionals
Pulastya Legal Services LLP
Pulastya Legal Services LLP

Pulastya Legal is a law firm engaged in providing high-quality legal services including in the field of intellectual property, corporate law, media and entertainment law, and more. The firm also represents global clients based in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asian countries. After working with a California-headquartered law firm for more than eight years, Mr. Abhishek Sharma (Managing Partner) along with his partner (and brother), Mayank Sharma started Pulastya Legal in 2015.

Understanding the needs of a global and competitive market, Pulastya Legal continues to offer responsible and budget-friendly counsel to its clients. The firm has its roots in the legal industry since 1983 (erstwhile K.K and Associates, founded and managed by their father, Late Mr. Krishan Kumar Sharma) and has served clients for over 35 years. Taking the good old charm of the legal profession and merging the modern-day best practices, the firm has many success stories around the world.

In the field of intellectual property, Pulastya’s partners have spent a substantial amount of time educating and counselling creative minds in identifying their intellectual property so that it can be best protected under law. The firm’s attorneys also keep a close check on potential infringements of the legal rights of their clients so that the clients can focus on building their business and life in peace.

A Glorious Vision

The firm’s mission is simple. To provide trustworthy and effective legal advice through customized legal services, and it strives to help protect its clients’ legal and business rights – all the time!

The vision of the firm is to continue to be trusted and relied upon by its clients at all levels. Its vision is to help all those who need legal assistance and are wronged somehow. Its vision is to continue to be on the speed dial list of all its clients and be accessible when needed the most.

The firm’s core approach rests on identification, protection, and monitoring an end-to-end formula that has allowed its clients to work in peace. Its core value is to render legal services to even those who cannot afford it and create a law firm that truly gives back to society and keeps the profession as noble as it is originally perceived to be.

The Holistic Learning Experience

Pulastya Legal Services provides long-term internships to law students, especially those who are in the final year. Taking a deviation from the standard industry practices for allowing internships for one month, the firm believes in not just filling up the seats in the office but to ensure that some real value is added to the law students’ work experience. The firm is open to receiving internships from law schools across India and is not restricted to only taking interns that are geographically suited for its offices. Pulastya’s Mumbai office has seen interns from Hyderabad, Delhi, Punjab, Gujarat, Kolkata, Assam, and many more places.

In addition to the above, the firm takes pride in exposing the interns to ongoing billable matters and it is no surprise that the firm absorbs some of its interns at the end of their internships. It believes in respecting the time and effort that a law student is spending in college and more so the time he/she spends in Pulastya’s office.

“We prefer not to waste their time in unnecessary research work and subject to confidentiality, we share our ongoing matters with them to work on,” commented Mr Abhishek Sharma.

The Firm that Cares

The firm is grooming future lawyers to face the legal practice by exposing them to real matters, complicated legal issues and by giving them the respect that they deserve. The partners of the firm handhold them personally at every step whether it is drafting a contract, filing an IP application, reporting something to the client, management of docketing, or even client communications.

Mr Abhishek Sharma explained the prospects of new joiners saying, “It does not come as a surprise to us that almost every intern who finishes their internship with us applies to the firm for a ‘Trainee Associate’ position and at any given point of time, we have a pool of law graduates, fully trained to take on the legal matters.”

“On a few occasions where the law graduates have started their own practice. Our partners have referred clients to them, gifted them law books, and sent invitations to them for regular business events so that they can build their practice,” he added.

On many occasions, the firm has even provided placements to graduates and have even recommended a good resume to its friends in the legal industry.

The Steadfast Leader

The firm’s Managing Partner, Abhishek Sharma, has been invited on many occasions by law schools, across India, to deliver lectures on intellectual property law practice and share his insights on the legal profession. Mr. Sharma has also participated in seminars and panel discussions across law schools and at various big business associations, such as TiE, on a number of topics including intellectual property law, media and entertainment, commercial contracts, franchising as a business model, and so on. He has also been invited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in India to talk on similar topics.

Standing Apart

There is no better testimonial for Pulastya than those of its interns and associates who apply to the firm itself for a fulltime position immediately after graduation. Elaborating on the same, Mr Abhishek Sharma said, “Since the internship program allows interns to work on ongoing billable matters and exposing them to the day-to-day heat of the legal profession, it does not come as a surprise to us when they tell us that almost no other law firm allows its interns to work on billable matters.”

The firm does not provide such training to its students with an intention to compete with other law firms, but it’s because the partners genuinely believe in the joy of sharing.

Riding the Digital Waves

When asked whether the digitization of the judicial process will prove beneficial to law firms and citizens in general, Mr Sharma replied, “Absolutely yes. With the advent of technology many processes and services are available online to citizens and access to legal justice, being a fundamental right of every citizen, will be served better with equal platforms.”

Many administrative hearings such as trademark hearings were taken online and even though the experience is new for everyone, this ambitious firm is sure that somewhere everybody appreciated the time and energy that was saved by doing things online.

Adapting to the ‘new normal’

The firm comprises a group of exceptional and hardworking, talented lawyers. Lawyers who come to the office every day with great zeal and hope to make a difference in the lives of clients every single day. Legal services, as the firm sees it, is not just giving a formula to a client but reassuring them that they should pursue or not pursue legal action against the opposite party. Traditionally, this reassurance is most effective when delivered in person. Not being able to meet the clients, sit next to them and convey advice to them through a legal remedy along with the correct body language is something that the lawyers of the firm definitely miss.

Scaling the Future

Safety comes first, everything else can wait! The firm’s main aim is to ensure that all its active clients are served well, no adjournments are sought, and delays are caused due to limited availability.

Pulastya has shifted its offices to a bigger and safer premise, and in some locations, it only plans to fully operate once it is safe. It continues to screen and interview good candidates for the team and are hiring even now!

It’s an exciting time to work in Pulastya Legal Services LLP

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