R. Michael Anderson: Laying the Foundations for Highly Effective Leadership
R. Michael
R. Michael Anderson

Good leaders continuously develop their skills, understand their limitations, and stay technically proficient. They set the right example and role model the behavior they expect from their teams.

These organizational leaders can achieve these qualities of effective leadership with the guidance of public speakers. They bring expertise in various leadership styles, strategies, and best practices, offering practical advice and tools that leaders can implement within their organizations.

Among the names of speakers who are renowned for influencing leaders with their guidance, R. Michael Anderson is at the forefront. As a renowned coach, he bases his methods on behavior- and performance-driven, evidence-based leadership techniques, making sure his clients get innovative guidance to provide them with a competitive edge. While discovering the UK’s Most Influential Public Speakers to Follow in 2024, The Knowledge Review had the privilege of discussing with him and learning about his strategies to help high-growth CEOs, executives, and managers.

Below are the highlights from the interview:

Can you share your journey into becoming a public speaker with us and what inspired you to take on this role?

Leadership was very difficult when I first got into it. I founded a software company in my mid-30s in California, and we had a lot of success very quickly. However, I was not prepared for it from a leadership point of view. That resulted in a ton of self-doubt and imposter syndrome, and the company and my team suffered because of it.

I went on to get a master’s in psychology, and when I started applying what I learned there, my leadership – and my company – took off. We made the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies, won the #1 Best Place to Work, and won Social Entrepreneur of the Year. Now, I teach leaders the same strategies I used so they can become confident, strategic, highly effective leaders.

Kindly share your vision and mission.

I aim to raise the consciousness of the world by elevating leaders.

Can you share some of the challenges you’ve faced in your journey as a public speaker?

Once I learned how to market as a speaker and got clear about what I do and who I serve, things became much easier from that point on.

How do you handle challenging or unexpected situations during a live speaking engagement?

I know my target audience very well – better than they know themselves in many cases. By staying focused on them and what I know they go through on a day-to-day basis, I feel I can overcome anything.

Can you share any specific techniques or tools you use to engage your audience during speaking events?

My sessions are very vulnerable and self-reflective. I tell honest stories about difficulties I’ve had and the emotions that I felt, and then I share positive mindset strategies that anyone can use. I give the audience time to see how they can use those same strategies in their own lives.

Kindly share noteworthy awards or recognitions you have received and how they have motivated you in your journey.

I’ve been nominated for Most Admired CEO and won the Social Entrepreneur of the Year, plus several awards that have to do with leadership research and speaking. It’s nice to get the recognition, though I do what I do in order to make changes in each individual leader’s life.

What role does effective communication play in inspiring and encouraging individuals in professional and personal settings?

I feel it’s important to connect to the audience truly. I do this through real-life stories about both failures and successes – usually mine.

Can you highlight a memorable speaking engagement that significantly impacted your audience and what made it stand out?

The Indonesian Power Company, with 80,000 employees, brought me in to work with their leadership team. The mindset skills I taught them were so impactful that they are now integrating them into their company’s leadership training material.

As a public speaker, what impact do you hope to leave on your audience, and how do you measure success in your profession?

I want people to know that they can shift their mindset and become more effective leaders. My goal is for them to believe in themselves even more when they leave the presentation and go out there with humble confidence to do the best they can for their team and organization.

What are the primary future goals and aims you have set for yourself?

My primary future goal is to help leaders throughout the world.

What advice do you have for individuals aspiring to become a public speaker?

Get clear about who you are, your audience, and how you can help them.

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