Ramagya School – Enabling Students to Arise, Awake, and Attain their Goals with Efficiency
Ramagya School
Ramagya School

In today’s competitive age, it is essential that every student learns different concepts thoroughly. This would help them to enhance their skills, which would, in turn, transform them into able-bodied professionals. Accordingly, they intend to pursue their education in efficacious schools, which would nurture them, educate them thoroughly, and prepare them for the stiff competition of the professional world.

Here, the leading institutions such as Ramagya School come to their aid. The school trains the students thoroughly so that they can build a bright future for themselves while making a positive impact on society and different industries.

Within a span of 15 years of its existence, Ramagya School has proved its mettle as an institute having the right amalgamation of knowledge and values for academics, escalation for co-curricular excellence, and attainment of brilliance in sports. It has been voted by TOI survey as one of the top 4 senior secondary schools in NCR and is also listed amongst the 30 great Indian schools by Forbes India magazine.

Ramagya School, affiliated with CBSE, is located in the heart of Noida, Sector – 50, within a sprawling campus area of more than 3 acres. The school’s enviable scholastic and co-scholastic attainments are attributed to an eclectic mix of faculty having more than 15 years of academic teaching experience.

As part of the management policies, teachers are regularly attending international and national seminars and conferences, thus broadening their horizons of academic excellence both on national as well as international platforms.

Ramagya at a Glance

There are many salient features that make Ramagya School the most sought-after place to pursue education. They are as follows

  • CORE (Curriculum of Ramagyian Eminence) – Early Childhood Curriculum based on Australian and Finland teaching pedagogy
  • Student-centric and adaptive teaching pedagogy based on CBSE curriculum
  • Pedagogy facilitating flexi and blended learning
  • ‘No child left behind policy’ through differential learning with an ideal teacher-student ratio
  • REFLECTION CORNER – Regulates actions, reactions and behaviour of students to promote social and emotional learning; helps in recalling and reinforcing the basic concepts.
  • Continuous Professional Development by Quality Education Asia
  • Enhancing analytically and preparing the students for the future competitive exam through NSTSE,
  • Well qualified, trained, experienced and UCLA certified teachers.
  • Environmental sensitization through TERI
  • SPIC MACAY for Development of Creative skills – Dance, Music & Theatre
  • Inspirational talks by the best TED speakers from across the globe
  • Up to 100% Scholarship for meritorious students.
  • Think of a number – Abacus and Vedic Math, enriching the retention power.
  • PBP (Psychological Boost Program) – Promoting positive mental health practices, counseling parent-student-school.
  • Sangeet 4 All – Music education program that instils a strong foundation and a lifelong love for classical Indian music.
  • Raz Plus ‘Read program’ for language development.
  • Litwits! Reading Program – The school reading program that develops linguistic skills through relevant and informative books and digital books, teacher support, and community engagement activity to improve the education of students and encourage reading both inside and outside of school.

Elaborate Curriculum

The curriculum followed at Ramagya can boast of its global lineage with wide-ranging core subjects, students, and teacher’s exchange programme for global exposure. It has an ideal student-teacher ratio of 25:1. Ramagya is one of the trendsetting schools in India due to its contemporary teaching pedagogies which incorporate best practices of:

  • Maria Montessori,
  • Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence,
  • Montessori Learning Corridors,
  • Reflective Corners,
  • Word Wall,
  • Open doors
  • Customised ‘flexi-learn technology’ at the secondary and senior secondary level.

Upholding Learning and Collaboration

Ramagya School’s mission is to establish a world-class centre of learning by delivering an educational experience that engages students intellectually, creatively, physically, spiritually, and socially to transcend all barriers and work in unison to bring about a positive change in society. The school has changed the pedagogy into practicum to continually improve the educational experience of learners. It has transformed classrooms into learning workshops and promotes co-teaching practices. Blended learning is implemented – innovative strategies and modern learning technologies that help integrate cognitive and social skills with content knowledge as well as increase student participation in the learning environment in order to promote skills.

The management believes that collaboration and a collective approach are the need of the hour. Hence, the school provides its students with various opportunities to engage in activities like projects, problems, design, and research-based learning. This allows students to contribute different degrees of prior knowledge, abilities, and aptitudes. Moreover, they feel inspired and take up more challenges in the learning process.

A Compassionate Leader

The personality responsible for the tremendous success of Ramagya School is its Principal Ms. Aparna Magee, She is a highly accomplished and dedicated educationist with experience spanning over 28 years. Recently, she has been honoured with the Principal of the year award by Global Gurus and Chinmay Foundation. Ms. Aparna is a proud recipient of the ‘Distinguished Teacher Award – SAMMAAN 2018’ conferred by the Rotary Club of Capital City New Delhi for her exemplary commitment and contribution to the teaching profession and her research topics of several National Academic Interests.

She has also been honoured with the ‘Certificate of Excellence – Leaders Award 2018’ by Education Today and ‘Certificate of Appreciation 2018’ by Academic Heights Public School for making a difference in the field of education and society through her leadership, hard work and contribution. Ms. Aparna has worked in various capacities as Director, Principal, Academic Advisor, Administrator, Master Trainer in Convents and reputed Schools across India.

Accomplishments in Abundance

Ramagya School is known for its dedication to nurturing the students and providing them with the best educational and career development opportunities. Owing to its dedication and innovative efforts, it has been decorated with many laurels.

Shaping Student’s Future

The management at Ramagya School believes that the true sign of learning is not knowledge but imagination. Each child is unique; hence the school focuses on the holistic development of the students. Students are taught life skills to meet the challenges of everyday life in a healthy, acceptable, and responsible way. They are taught core subjects for a strong foundation. Additionally, their competence is also developed in problem-solving, decision making, and many more skills. “Marks are not our only criterion to judge students. Our curriculum sensitizes students towards global problems like stress, scarcity of food, rise in crimes, depression, terrorism, and their solutions,” expresses the management. Students are taught the 6 Ps: Plan, Practice, Perform, Patience, Presence of Mind, and Positive Thinking. They are advised to avoid one P: Panic.

The school educates students not just in mind but also in morals. The management believes that in today’s world where corruption, violence, and unrest have become so prevalent, the schools have an added responsibility to ensure that value education as a subject is taken seriously. It should be included in the curriculum to produce not just educated but also responsible citizens with insightful minds who believe in giving back to the society.

The management states, “Our educators approach the teaching-learning process to address the whole ambit of education-skills acquisition, cognitive development, capacity building, character formation, mental and emotional well-being along with spiritual orientation”.

Prominent Collaborations

Ramagya School has tie-ups with various institutions such as Univariety, The Princeton Review, The Chopras, and Studies Overseas Global. This provides umpteen opportunities to students through access to free academic counselling and offers innovative and interesting programs which help them in choosing the best career for themselves.

Notable Achievements

  • Ranked Top 5 the Best School in Noida By Class Fever
  • Ranked Top 20 CBSE schools in Uttar Pradesh by Times Education icons
  • Ranked Top 10 in school (2017) by Education world
  • Ranked No.1 in India under the top CBSE school – parameter wise for ‘Individual’ Attention to Students’ in a survey conducted by educationtoday.co
  • Awarded for extraordinary contribution in education – Conferred by CM (UP) Mr. Yogi Adityanath and Chairman of Zee News, Ms. Subhash Chandra.
  • Awarded as the ‘Reformers of Indian Education’ by India Today Conclave.
  • Awarded as ‘Best Quality Education School in North India’ by India’s Education Excellence Awards
  • Awarded in Global Collaborative Learning by Think Unique Leadership Awards 2018 – Education and Skill India Summit 2018
  • Awarded as ‘Best School in category of Excellence in Inclusive Education’ by IUEF
  • Awarded as ‘Icon of Indigenous Excellence’ by Economic Times 2018

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