Rayat and Bahra Dental College and Hospital: The Essence of Educational Excellence
Rayat & Bahra Dental college - The Knowledge Review

The institute aims to impart value based education to all those who not only dream but are also determined to see their desire of becoming capable enough to make noteworthy contribution in the fields they choose and the society they are a part of, through their intellect, creativity and hard work into a reality, and to emerge out as an epitome of excellence.

Rayat and Bahra Dental College and Hospital was established in 2010. The dental college is fairly young, but its achievements and accolades rival, and even surpass, those of other research intensive dental schools in the area. Out of thousand roads that end at the most sought after destination – success – it chose the one that personifies excellence.

Quality Education and Infrastructure

Realizing the significant contribution, the infrastructure of an educational institution, determined to provide the best in terms of quality, the college fulfills all the requirements listed under the category of ‘the few chosen ones’. Covering an area of 1,00,000 sq. feet, the institute has been designed with architectural expertise with an intellectually careful division of the college into nine dental departments, dealing with specialized branches of dentistry and nine specialized medical departments. With four well-furnished lecture theatres, each with a seating capacity of 110, a Biochemistry laboratory, a Physiology laboratory, dissection hall with a museum, a library apt for self-study with an availability of all course related books with several copies of each, the college has everything to ensure that the students do not miss out on anything and no lesson goes unlearnt.

It has been designed to take care of the minutest details and be nothing less than the best. It includes 205 electronically operated chairs, labs and equipments for pre-clinical work, seminar halls, X-ray unit, availability of medical investigations and histopathological examinations, O.T. wards, and a well taken care of waiting area- the students feel blessed to be in such an institution.

Every department of the institution has emerged out as an epitome of perfection when it comes to the maintenance of the patient records, sterilization of the instruments and cleanliness, leaving no room for cross infection. Two parks, an auditorium, a central library and four food courts in the vicinity of the college, are some beautiful cherries on the cake , making sure that the students are not just satisfied but content to be able to study and progress in the best environment they could ask for.

The description of the infrastructure and facilities will remain incomplete without the mention of the mobile dental van which imitates the best pictures of the mobile dental vans in any given books.

The institute successfully organizes an average of 72 free dental camps every year, in the villages to the people who are in need of dental care but are not aware and resourceful enough to gain access to the treatment on their own.

It offers BDS (five year) program with an intake of 100 students every year. It is affiliated to the very pristine Baba Farid University of Health Sciences and is recognized by the Dental Council of India.

It conducts various workshops every year and lets the students draw inspiration from the people who have been triumphant to make a mark in their field, and are influential enough to make a difference and sow the seeds of hard work in the minds of the listeners.

Remarkable Leadership

The person behind the success of Rayat Bahra Dental College & Hospital is Mr. Gurvinder Singh Bahra, the Chancellor of Rayat Bahra University and Chairman of Rayat Bahra Group of Institutes. He laid the foundation stone of the campuses that today are known for experiential learning and a wide spectrum of multidisciplinary education. His personality aptly does all the talking and one would be utterly confused if asked to mention a thing or two one can learn from this man of many achievements, inhabiting within a heart dipped in the beautiful molten gold and a mind that is a treasure house of intellect and ideas.

His farsightedness is capable of creating the magic that many people look upto today, the magic that has changed lives through his ideas of providing education that is not only value-based but affordable, taking into consideration every individual’s situation when they join the institution.

Accomplished Alumni

Rayat Bahra Dental College alumni have made great achievements since graduating from this pristine institution. Graduates from the 2011-2012 Batch have made some notable accomplishments in the pursuit of their dental career.

Some students of Batch 2011 upon graduating prepared for the NDBE for admission overseas for DDS. They have since acquired admission at Boston University and are pursuing DDS after successfully completing all prerequisite exams and interviews. Many of its recent graduates have opened independent dental clinics throughout the state of Punjab and are operating with great success.

Future Plans

The institute intends to introduce MDS in all the branches of dentistry in the near future to benefit the students and let them pursue further studies in the college that aims at being the best.

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