Rehana Mannan: Shaping Successful Careers from Dusk to Dawn
Rehana Mannan ,Founder , Rehana Mannan Coaching Academy (RMCA )(cover page)

Describing herself as a transformer, Rehana Mannan has built her career on the strong foundation of her dreams. Toiling of more than a decade in the business sales arena, she has jotted down all the key mantras of making it to the top. The rich experience that she does has sculpted her being personally and professionally teaching her life’s valuable lessons.

My passion is helping people to BREAKTHROUGH and taking their lives to the best level, I am on a mission to “Transform” the lives of millions of people by enabling them with all the resources and mindset they need to succeed in order to live the life of their dreams.”

A Multi-faceted Persona

Recalling her school time, she says “I have always been a good student, active in sports, and won many school competitions. I was the captain of the School. I was my teacher’s favorite.” Being good at academics, she further decided to complete her MBA from the leading institute of Symbiosis. Later on, she started her career in the year 2004 as a customer service representative with HSBC and then into business sales with prominent companies like Dell, HP, Oracle, and Gartner. After working in the industry for a while, she decided to be her own boss and so she started on the journey of RMCA.

Leading from the forefront was a dream which was not lived overnight, it was her experience that taught her to build key relationships at C-level and maintain it by understanding their mission, critical and business priorities, and selling the right solution to help them achieve their business goals.

Along with being the Founder at RMCA, she is also an adept Life and Business Strategist, Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Global Education Influencer in UAE. She has played several roles and has handled countless responsibilities in the longer run. Listed here are some of her achievements:-

  • Trainer of Neuro Linguistics Programming, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnosis, Peak Performance Strategist
  • Member of “ABNLP (American Board of NLP), ABH (American Board of Hypnotherapy), TLTA (Time Line Therapy Association)”
  • NLP Practitioner • NLP Master Practitioner • Life Coach Training • Master Life Coach Training • Hypnotist & Master Hypnotist • Time Line Therapy® – Practitioner and Master Practitioner • NLP In Business
  • Grow your business from 20 – 100 Plus% • Sales Excellence Training – Results Oriented – Double Your Sales/Income • Master Communicator in Business and Education – Develop Skills of Rapport
  • Best Public Speaking Skills Enhancement Training – Presenting from the State of Excellence
  • Leadership Training – Learn how to influence, inspire and empower others. • Workshops – Personal and Business.

Adding glory to the victory, she has recently been selected for the “The Incredible Lives of India! ‘THE LIONESS’ Global Campaign 2018 December” and nominated for “LinkedIn Wonder Woman” Global Campaign 2019.

A Beacon to Many

Teaching the mind-body connection and the language to be used (“Say it the way you want it”) to generate the behavior and results they want, they always desired for.

Rehana Mannan Coaching Academy (RMCA) is a Coaching, Mentoring, and Training Institute. Its education caters to all facets involving career, financial, spiritual, physical, intellectual, family, and social to help people live a balanced and contented life. The purpose behind RMCA is Rehana’s curiosity to know why people behave the way they behave, which intrigued her about the field of human behavior and sciences. “I have spent a lot of time advancing my knowledge and skills by studying the internationally best-selling authors and being trained by top-echelons of the industry“. Through her rigorous coaching, mentoring, and training, she has partnered with clients to help them live the life of their dreams, achieve work-life balance, get rid of negative emotions that hold them back. Helped them understand their true unlimited potential and transform their quality of life. The USB of RMCA is that here change happens in a moment, not days, months, or years, we help people find their “WHY” and then enable them with resources of “HOW” to get there.

Growing up Rehana was always busy competing for education and not knowledge and this made her realize that this will never help in the longer run. Hence, she explored her own path overtime by her creative ideas and excellent skill set to reach the top of the pyramid.

Motivating and Empowering Students

The biggest challenge I faced was everyone wants to live the life of their dreams, but no one wants to change and I can only guide, partner, help people who truly want to change.

Rehana motivation is her life itself, she is grateful, humble, visionary, and contented for everything that has been achieved and still awaits. There is a thin line of difference between getting influenced and getting inspired, for Rehana her goal is to inspire as the inspiration lasts longer. Hence, she states that her goal every day is to at least touch and inspire one life, which is more than a paycheck itself.

Take on UAE Education

UAE is one of the fastest growing countries because of its diversity and focuses on the upliftment of not just the nation but the people in it. The education sector’s main focus is shifting more towards creativity, innovation, personal skills, emotional intelligence, sharing of ideas, leadership rather than just textbooks, academics, scores, physical appearance, etc. This is a huge milestone in itself allowing the students, who really are aspiring to be something more than just grabbing a degree to make a living are being supported tremendously by opening up the doors to international collaboration.

Words of Wisdom

As Dalai Lama said “The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds.”

Rehana too believes that the road to one’s destination can be set by one itself. It helps to build and live in one’s world and live their dreams every single day.  Hence, she quotes “Don’t fall prey to the old theory of hard-work, stable job, stable income, yearly vacation, follow what everyone is doing to be safe”.  But, “Find your own passion, make your own income, plan vacation whenever you want, smart work will pay you off and give/share to the others. The more you give the more you get.”

Talking about career options, Rehana trusts that one should never be a follower as it restricts oneself from looking at the wide spectrum. She wants her students to start from a humble beginning, fall and rise as this is the part of the journey. Living in this digital era, everyone needs to be updated with what’s coming next and be a part of the change.

Exploring the Path Ahead

Rehana believes in the ideologies of the two most powerful path-breaking leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X.  Inspired by them, she wants to continue giving back to society in every way possible and meticulously provide them with the best of training, coaching, and mentoring skills.

“My organization is truly becoming  for the people, by the people and of the people, and this is my ultimate goal.” She states that individuals don’t fail because of knowledge, they fail because of ignorance and hence to shatter all the stereotypes and societal norms, she wants to educate people of “Why and How” they can recreate the life of their dreams from where ever they are.

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