Responding to a Complaint when You Have Been Sued
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The first reaction after finding out that you’ve been sued is stress. Multiple thought lines add to this stress — how should you respond? How much time do you have to respond? What options are available to you? Should you ignore the summons and do nothing?

Whether it’s the final decision, receiving your due claims, or managing your legal fees, the right law firm can make a difference.

Beware, ignoring a lawsuit does not make it go away

In class action lawsuits, ignoring summons can actually lead courts to award monetary judgements against you. Therefore, you must respond to a complaint when you’ve been sued. Though, how exactly you choose to respond depends on the facts of your case.

Nonetheless, you should take action within 28 days. If you do not do so, then without you attending court or being notified the person suing you may get a default judgment against you. Remember, default judgements can be enforced may also affect your credit rating.

Keep calm and contact your law firm

Your solicitor will help you prepare a response. The right response can protect your rights, line up your defences, and assert claims on your end against the plaintiff.

Here are some ways to respond to a complaint:

Experienced law firms can advise on whether the complaints are defective. In those cases, complaints can be dismissed. This depends on a number of reasons that only a solicitor can determine.

On the other end, you can answer the complaint after consultation to help draft the right answer. You have to file all the defences that correspond to every single point made in the complaint.

A solicitor can also advice you into filing a cross-claim along with filing a defence. Answering the complaint also includes the option of asserting cross-claims when you have reasons to believe that the plaintiff owes you money.

Another option that your attorney can help you determine is the liability of any third parties and how to bring them into the lawsuit. Cross-claims can also be made against a third party.

When you respond to a complaint after being sued, it should be extremely detailed. In this way, you have a better control on how a complaint pans out. Alternatively, settlements can also occur before the court proceedings start. It all depends on how perfectly your solicitor has framed your responses.

Rely on accredited law firms and solicitors only

Legal costs are an important part of the whole process of responding to a complaint. They include professional fees and disbursements. Have you heard of the ‘No win, no -fee’ arrangements? It essentially means not paying professional or disbursements payments unless the law firm achieves a success in your legal matter.

If a client is finding it difficult to cover the ongoing legal expenses along with medical reports, valuations, expert reports, etc. personal injury lawsuit loans can help finance the case with a Disbursement Funding Loan. Only pre-approved law firms can assist their clients with such convenience.

Always rely on expert legal advices from reputed law firms to avoid any legal tangle.

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