REVA University: Sculpting Leaders in the Media Industry

Visionary leaders, apart from their in-born qualities, are moulded by experiences and learning which they receive throughout their lifetime. The most important factor that plays a major role in contributing to the genesis of a seasoned leader is his/her education. The academics and extracurricular activities help a person to explore his potential in the best manner possible. There are a lot of apex institutions that are in sync with the futuristic demands of the industry and are assisting in shaping the minds of leaders of tomorrow.

As such, REVA University is exceptionally offering programmes with a similar approach involving the latest tools, techniques, and skills required to facilitate the needs of the future working professionals. It is deriving an integrated learning method that synthesizes good leadership and excellent professional capabilities that one can enhance with proper guidance.

The Genesis

 With the vision to instil awareness, a zeal for higher learning, and inquisitiveness in the minds of students through high-quality education, REVA University was established in the year 2012. The University prides itself in contributing to the holistic development of every student. The University currently offers 28 Undergraduate Programmes, 22 full-time Postgraduate Programmes, 2 part-time Postgraduate Programmes, and 18 Ph.D. Programmes. Also, it has started new programmes in areas like Visual communication, Digital media and Corporate Communications.

 Coign of Vantage

 REVA offers practice-based learning and with a well-equipped media centre incorporated with a world-class studio allows journalist students to create industry-level audio and visual productions to showcase their learning abilities and job-readiness.

“Facilities include field and studio cameras, digital SLR cameras for still photography, studio setup with acoustic panels and accompanied by a production control room equipped with professional-level mixers and a full editing suite for creating high-quality audio/video productions,” says Dr. P. Shyama Raju, the Founder and Chancellor of REVA University.

He further adds, “REVA Media Centre understands the need with an emphasis on applied and hands-on training required for a fast developing, technology-driven and evolving media industry across the globe. The Action – Reflection – Modelling pedagogy method fuels ambition in the student and provides ample resources to excel. Continuous mentoring for the students enable them to achieve their goal.”

REVA University is associated with MESC (an MHRD initiative) to align Bachelor Programmes in Media and Entertainment with the Industry-led NSQF based courses.

Dr. Payel Dutta Chowdhury adds that, “We offer industry interaction through regular Vox Pops in major news media and student volunteering at BIFFI and International Film festival in Bangalore help them to stand out from the students of other institutes. Media studies at REVA offers Certificate programmes in designing, Video editing, media entrepreneurship, Sound recording, Visual Communication, Branding and marketing, and in Foreign languages that allow students to excel in their career.”

Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni, Vice-Chancellor of REVA University adds, “The contemporary course materials offered are varied ranging from print media, public relations, media management to the advertisement and creative writing. The most constant factor that facilitates the teaching process at REVA includes REVA Unique Learning Offerings (RULO), MOOC and different club activities.

The huge collection of books, journals, and digital content in the library and the latest IT infrastructure ensure that students can access relevant information at their disposal to explore their subjects thoroughly. The entire campus has CCTV surveillance to ensure the safety of the students. REVA has smart classrooms that are completely digitalised with projectors, Moodle and Lecture Capturing System to preserve paper. Notes and assignments are distributed amongst students through Moodle. Lecture Capturing System is used to capture lectures of faculty members that can be used by the students to learn and relearn. REVA has an efficient ERP system in place, which sends SMS alerts regarding the attendance of students and other important notifications to their parents. Being an exponent of a greener world, REVA has digitalised majority of the processes.”

Dr. Payel Dutta Chowdhury says, “In recent years, there is an unprecedented growth in the field of journalism. With several online media portals, news channels and radio stations, the journalism students can expect a dynamic career. The career options for a journalism student are Journalist, News Editor, News Presenter, Photo Journalist, Feature Writer, Correspondent, Reporter, Critic, Broadcast Reporter, Columnist, etc.”

“The School of Arts & Humanities at REVA University helps students to take up project-based studies, live case studies, long and short internships, regular media interactions, etc. The Training and Placement Cell of the University supports and aids students to get good placement opportunities in various media organisations”, says Dr. P. Shyama Raju proudly. 

Foundation Courses 

Various academic programmes at REVA University such as B. A. in Political Science, Economic and Journalism, B.A. in Journalism, English & Psychology and M.A. in Journalism and Communication offer Journalism as a subject of study.

The Undergraduate programmes emphasise on Journalism, media studies, psychology, critical theory, and English language and literature. In addition to the core subject knowledge, these programmes offer various transferable skills particularly in writing skills that are required for a successful career in Journalism and Communication.

The Postgraduate programme provides opportunities for students to explore various aspects of media studies and to specialise in the chosen area of Journalism and Communication. 

The School of Journalism and Communication at REVA has an active partnership with Lakehead University, Canada, Georgian College, Canada and has visiting guest faculty from University of Exeter and other Universities who visit the University and engage students in various topics ranging from gender issues to writing creatively for the world today. 

Rewards & Recognitions

 Approved by AICTE and Recognised by UGC, REVA University has received the ‘Most Preferred University Providing Global Environment to International Students’ award by WBR Corp at the House of Commons, London, UK. It was also awarded with “The Best University of India (South) 2019” by DIALOGUE INDIA.

 REVA University is a member of Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), ISBN, IIC, AIU, and TSI. It has secured 3rd position in New Universities category by KSURF, 14th rank among Top 25 Young Universities in India, and 23rd rank among the Top 50 Private State Universities in India.  Also, the University is rated as the Gold Band University by QS-I-GAUGE and ranked as “India’s Best Private University” by INDIA TODAY.

 Motivation behind REVA’s Success

 Dr. P. Shyama Raju is the Founder and Chancellor of REVA University who strongly believes in the motto ‘Knowledge is Power’. Driven with a philanthropic vision and a missionary zeal, the campus is built to transform students into outstanding citizens.

 As a philanthropic gesture of giving back to society, Dr. P. Shyama Raju founded the REVA Group of Educational Institutions under ‘Rukmini Educational Charitable Trust’. The main goal of the University is to provide a world-class education and holistic learning experience to the students while creating opportunities for the young generation to excel.

 Expert Counsel

 According to Dr. Payel Dutta Chowdhury, Director of the School of Arts & Humanities, “Communication and Journalism is the study of how the information related to individual, society and organisation communicate or transfers to the entire world at the same time. The information is generally disseminated using newspapers, books, magazines, websites, blogs, radio, film, and television. There is a rapid expansion in the mass communication and media industry in the last decade with the introduction of new technologies. Mass Communication is actually, communicating the information that is not known to people around the globe. Thus, Mass Communication makes information available to everyone using the latest technological platform in the form of blogs, Vlogs, Corporate communication, websites, Branding notes, television, and internet protocol television and News portals.”

Further, she says, “If writing is a hobby, it can be presented in a creative manner. If the student would like to take challenges and explore, then excellent communication skills with basic research aptitude will help the student to enjoy a career in mass communication. Mass communication is one of the popularly emerging career fields with more and more students opting it as their career option.”

Dr. P. Shyama Raju, the Chancellor of REVA University says, “The key advice to students in mass communication is that a strong foundation is essential to become successful in a journalism career. REVA University lays a strong foundation on the various aspects of mass communication in students through theoretical as well as an experiential teaching process. The students can make use of the infrastructure facilities of the media centre at REVA University to hone their skills in journalism.”

Potential Future Exposure

 “To provide students with practical knowledge about the industry, we ensure to bring several eminent personalities from the media industry to conduct workshops, skill-based Certificate programmes, Industry interaction and innovation. Practical papers are Branding and qualitative Analysis, Public relation corporate communication, Event management, Social media marketing editing, newspaper and layout designing”, says Dr. Payel Dutta Chowdhury.

Dr. Shyama Raju says, “Around 50% of course delivery in Event management, TV and Documentary production, news media and advertisement is Project-based. Students are given hands-on experience through our in-house magazine (REVA Insight), a Lab journal (REVA Suchi) and networked campus radio and campus television concept. The course stimulates the students to become media professionals, such as reporters, editors, PROs, advertising creative heads, and corporate communication head in future”.

 To provide top-class education to students and help them to achieve the desired goals in life, REVA University provides the most modern infrastructure facilities. It is providing a student-centric learning environment that enable them to excel in the global educational scenario. It has collaborated with various organisations and industries to offer industrial exposure to the students. The exposure to the relevant industry helps the students to face the challenges in their career.

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