Role of Parents and Teachers in Career Development of Students
Career Development of Students
Career Development of Students

In this era of stiff competition, selecting a decent career path has become very important for every individual. At times they get confused while deciding which career to choose. During such a situation, teachers and parents in particular play an important role to identify a child’s skills and interests. They can provide proper guidance to students and can assist them in realizing their dreams.        

Teachers and parents can act as motivators and can nurture the children. They can prepare them for a bright career and to face challenges of the future. Inculcating certain important habits like reading and writing from an early stage can help them to get attuned with the competitive world. These days, it is very difficult for parents to devote time to their children. As a result, they depend on teachers, childcare centres, schools, and coaching institutions for their child’s education.      

Demystifying the Confusion related to Career Pathway

Many students face the dilemma of which course to opt for after completion of their graduation. They are confused whether to go for MBA or M Tech, or to opt for a job. A student studying in the 12th standard is very concerned about what stream to choose for graduation among various options like engineering, medicine, science, art, humanities, and so on. Many students undergoing professional courses are unsure about their career prospects.

Teachers can offer good career-related advice to the students by consulting with professionals and other specialists. Moreover, parents and teachers should make sure that students don’t get influenced by socioeconomic factors like poverty, influence of neighbors, peers, and so on.   

Importance of Parents as a Guiding Light

A parent is the sculptor of child’s behavior, attitude, thinking, and character. They are the ones who have regular interactions with the child and understand their ambitions, dreams, and aspirations. Parents should identify at an early stage what the child’s interest areas are. A child might be interested in diverse fields like automobiles, film making, or geography. Accordingly, the parent should encourage them to read books or watch videos or similar content related to the subject matter of their interest.

Parents should not pressurize their children to study all the time. They should treat them with care and should give them life lessons of dedication, hard work, sympathy, and team work. Children should not be influenced with continuous pampering. Parents should praise their children’s achievements and should act as a guiding force to their academic growth. They should work towards exploring their child’s hidden talents and nurture them. Children should be taught about dreaming and visualizing their future goals and to accomplish them with hard work and proper planning.                   

Parents should encourage their children to read English newspapers, and should discuss on topics related to current affairs and news stories. This will generate the child’s interest in reading newspapers and will also strengthen their hold on the language. Children have different types of interest and hobbies like painting, music, sports, and so on. Parents should discover their child’s hidden talents and provide them the scope and window to explore themselves. Due to influence of society, friends, and family, many parents neglect the fact that there is tremendous scope and career opportunities in various areas like art, music, drama, and so on.  

Parents should interact with other individuals who are currently pursuing a course, or are pursuing the career their children are also interested in. They should introduce these individuals to their children for better idea and understanding. This will assist children to have a clear picture of the course/job and career prospects.   

Teachers can act as Navigators

Teachers can conduct regular quizzes and interactive sessions occasionally. This will generate interest of studies among students and will provide them thorough knowledge of the topics covered. Teachers should also focus regularly on general knowledge and current affairs not as a subject, but as an additional component. This will generate among the students and will develop a habit of learning about daily happenings.

Responsible teachers can guide their students properly right from the initial stage. They can teach them about the nuances of preparing for competitive exams and so on. Also, teachers should teach the students to be self-conscious and should train them to recognize their own talent and develop themselves accordingly.    

To enhance students’ skills and boost their confidence, teachers can conduct regular educational tours, and interactive sessions with industry experts. Moreover, they can also conduct career counseling sessions for students of classes IX, X, XI, XII, and for UG courses. Teachers can prepare them to face the stiff challenges of the competitive world and can give them idea about various occupations and their importance. Students can be confused about career options and may also be afraid to take the right decision. At such a time teachers can guide them to the right career path.          

Wrap Up

Parents and teachers can play an important role in molding a student’s career. They can nurture a child properly and make them understand how to choose a good career. Working hand-in-hand, teachers and parents can be an important catalyst in career development of students.      


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