Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College, Ghaziabad: Upskilling Dental Health Care to Global Standards
Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College, Ghaziabad
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Education and Health are considered as backboneof the society. India as a nation is on the cusp of emerging as the superpoweron world map. All this is possible only due to the strong nation building process where utmost care is being taken to provide the best education and health to its people which help to groom the most efficient human resource possible. With the current educational system and global pandemic scenario, it is now clear that for a nation to strive ahead, it needs to be strong in the education and helath that it provides to its citizens.

With the aim of contributing to India as a emerging global health care hub and to create finest  health care proividers, the students must be groomed well in an environment. Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College and Research Centre (SBBDC) is one such college that grooms students in a holistic environment to be the leaders in dentistry and dental research.

In our endeavour to find ‘The Best Dental Colleges in India, 2022’, we crossed paths with SBBDC. In an interactive conversation with Mr Manish Garg, Founder of Shree Bankey Bihari Educational Society, he unveiled some of the unique educational scholastics of the SBBDC and its future ventures.

The Genesis of an Incredible Dental Institute

Mr Manish Garg, the founder of Shree Banket Bihari Educational Society, founded the SBBDC in the year 2004. He discovered his passion for health and education and decided to provide the best in the field of dental education. He embraced the noble vision of providing the highest standards of dental education with utmost patient care, which meets global standards.

Since the inception of SBBDC in 2004, under the able leadership of Mr. Manish Garg, the college has grown exponentially. Starting out by offering BDS courses, the college sensed the need to venture into the arena of specialised dental services and today, under the able guidance of Manish Garg, SBBDC is offering all the BDS courses and MDS courses in eight subjects.

Talking about the leadership skills of the founder, the college management says, “He has been influential in providing an inspirational milieu for proficient inclusive development. His contributions have led to a perfect blend of skilful learning and patient care in dentistry by budding dental professionals.

A Worldly State-of-the-Art Campus

With a vision to provide global education standards to the future dentists of the country, SBBDC houses a state-of-the-art, world-class campus infrastructure with the inclusion of the latest technological advancements in the field of education. The college departments are well-equipped, with a library holding a collection of the latest journals and books.

Along with that, the college also has separate residential facilities for students. Talking about the holistic campus, Mr Manish says, The college has shown tremendous uptrend in its growth trajectory with the increasing number of patients attending the outpatient department. The college has unassailably maintained its position as one of the top choices of students pursuing dental education over the years.

Visionary Mission

Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College, Ghaziabad is committed to providing selfless service with excellence in education, healthcare and research. The college is focused on achieving its mission to serve the community and uplift dental education by imparting quality education in dentistry and providing good health and well-being to all sections of society.

Head of the Institution

The college is headed by Dr Sunanda Roy Choudhury, Principal, Professor and Head of the Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics. She envisions developing public and community health programs to improve overall dental awareness and the health of the masses. She has always emphasised bringing research into practice. She has always believed that the best patient care can only be achieved by providing the students with the latest evidence-based learning and patient treatment protocols.

SBBDC’s Unique Education Facilities and Program Offerings

The college emphasises the holistic development of the student to a skilled professional trained to provide health services with utmost care and compassion. The institution has been one of the front runners in adopting technological advancements to improve the education standards. The pre-clinical training is emphasised as it forms a strong foundation. The students are given ample exposure to the clinical scenario with overall comprehensive learning. The college has already trodden on the path of digitisation to improve skills, efficiency and understanding in learning.

Traditional Education Meeting Modern Technology

The SBBDC college, since its inception, has always focused on imparting quality education. In view to impart quality education, the college management has curated a perfect blend of traditional learning with modern education methods. A few of the methods that have been implemented in the college are:

  • Cone Beam Computerized tomography (CBCT) for advanced three-dimensional radiological investigations of the head and neck region
  • Computer-assisted designing and manufacturing(CAD-CAM) for fabricating state-of-the-art custom-made dental and maxillofacial prostheses
  • Software assisted Digital Smile in designing and planning for enhanced patient satisfaction and treatment outcomes
  • Colour 3-D scanner and printer for designing and fabricating implant guides, surgical templates and stents, crowns and bridges and dentures with maximum accuracy and predictability
  • In-house orthodontic aligner system using the latest technology of smile designing and CAD-CAM with 3-D printing.
  • Dental implants with the latest guided surgical protocols to impart successful and efficient prosthetic solutions
  • Maxillofacial prosthesis for restoration or replacement of craniofacial structures
  • Lasers for esthetic and surgical procedures
  • Conscious Sedation Unit to provide dental treatment in a relaxed environment to anxious patients.
  • Endodontic microscope and loupes to enable the practice of precision dentistry.
  • In-house research facilities such as Immunohistochemistry, Microbiology and Biochemistry labs
  • Digital demonstration and simulation laboratories for a robust pre-clinical foundation
  • Digital patient management software for OPD, record management, feedback and complaint redressal, and human resource management

Creating Inspiring Health Care Professionals

SBBDC college understands the need for quality healthcare professionals in the healthcare space. Aiming for the holistic development of its students, the institution has created a knowledge hub that aims to exchange scientific and technological advancements in Dental research.

The diverse curriculum is also inculcated in a way that would touch all the necessary areas of a student’s comprehensive development, especially in analytical thinking and reasoning. Explaining the comprehensive development structure of the students’ Mr Manish says, We believe in the development of curriculum based on contemporary practices in the field of dentistry to promote students to become exceptional healthcare providers. Various newer modules have been added as value-based programs for the students to learn such as Implantology, Lasers, CAD-CAM, 3 D printing to evolve students into contemporary professionals.

Envisioning the Future of Dental Hygiene

When asked about the future of dental hygiene in the country, Mr Manish deliberately explains, We believe that dental and oral health is an essential part of overall health and well-being. Oral health should be given utmost importance as the mouth forms the mirror of the body. We understand that the oral hygiene standards need to be the scenario improving, and this policy’s success will require close coordination of the public and private sectors as well as the community health services. The upcoming decade could turn out to be a milestone era for adopting positive trends and increased awareness about maintaining oral hygiene measures in the community overall. This would, in turn, transform into less health and economic burden, resulting in increased and efficient production with the least effect of oral diseases.

Mapping the Future Endeavour of SBBDC

Ever since the COVID-19 Pandemic, it has not been a well-known fact that the future of education in the healthcare sector is changing. Foreseeing the future of the SBBDC moving forward, Mr Manish says, As we look forward, we foresee a tremendous change in the field of education and healthcare sector. We believe that it will be technologically driven, which, in a way, will empower us to achieve our goals and probably better ourselves. We have already embraced technology into our system with the incorporation of Digital dentistry in terms of imparting education and patient treatment modalities. We envision ourselves developing as one of the AI-enabled dental education systems that carves the finest skilled dental professionals meeting global standards. We sincerely believe that adopting an innovative approach to education, research, and patient care in a superlative learning environment is the way forward.

An Entrepreneur’s Advice to Future Educators

The education sector is the key to the nation’s development in the coming decades. As an entrepreneur in this sector, my advice would be to have a vision and desire to upraise the standards of education in our country. With technological advancements available to us, we should be ready to adapt them to resolve the challenges and try to bring the education level to global values. The key to success is to keep challenging and reinventing ourselves in a constant proposition to keep learning every day. Create a healthy environment for students learning with an impact on skilful learning and satisfaction in the work you believe in.

  • Manish Garg

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