Scepticism: Which Mode to Choose
Scepticism Which Mode to Choose-Theknowledgereview

As we are growing in the world of technologies, simple things are getting complex and when it comes to choosing the right path for making inquisitive decision on our own career then it becomes a big dilemma for those who are just about to start their career.

Young generation people who have just passed their School level and moving forward for a higher degree program which is just a common entrance test for entering into the world of Competition, where one after another is entering into rat race of becoming the best. Hypothetically speaking everyone welcomes you to the world of intelligence.

When we are raising a big question while choosing the mode of knowledge enrichment, and that is- what to choose Traditional Classroom Learning or go for Online Teaching Methods? If we do a close watch, we can discover that one is having the advantage over the others, while compared over the parameters like Flexibility, Discipline, Social Interaction and more concrete module of learning.

The Comparison shows that Traditional learning- learners opt for more discipline and conception of orthodox thinking, that sitting in a classroom in front of Black board will fetch more marks, on the other hand Online Learning is more flexible for students who have time constraints and have commitments for their family and work. Basically working professional usually go for online methods of teaching where they can choose their timing and preferences accordingly.

The second most important parameters for judging between both is Social interaction, where in online mode you can independently  focus on yourself with the learning part and you can go with the video watching without distraction, but on the other side of the coin who are in the habits of communicating with the instructor will have more benefits then the Prior one.

At the end of the day, decision is yours, which way to go, what will make you earn the College degree and be sure before diving into any mode of education system which is the best fit for you as both will sound as a winning formula. As both have a perfect blending model of imparting education.

After all, it’s a career choice which will make us go a long way in the hustle and bustle of so called life. So, be prepared before choosing any and be doubly sure which is bringing equal or double returns. I know sometimes it is a very difficult decision to make a choice but when it is for bright future it really meant to have that smart decision with dedication.

So guys have a Happy Careers ahead, and all the best for future…..

                                                                                                                                                                                   – Nupur Verma

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