Scholarships that are Propelling Dreams and Providing Wings to fly

Help indeed

Is what I need

From you, My Lord

To do good deeds

Help me succeed

End caste and creeds

                                          And all to be freed! Reshi Ambreen, Poet

This beautiful poem reflects the true anxiety of a person who want to make big in life but faces the dearth of resources to do so. There are plenty of students around the world who have their own passions and areas of interest which they like to explore and excel at. But many of them do not have the privilege to turn their dream into a reality since they face the dearth of the most vital resource- Money. Lack of money kills dreams and makes people suffer; it forces them to live in penury whole life. Scholarships thus provide a ray of hope for those who come from an underprivileged background and give them the much needed wings to fly high.

These are some of the best scholarships for the International students to study in Australia.

Australia Awards Scholarships

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade oversees Australia Awards Scholarships program. This scholarship program is established with the bilateral and regional agreement by various countries with the Australian government. Students from Indo-Pacific region can utilize this scholarship to study undergraduate and post graduate courses at various Australian universities. This grant program provides various benefits to the applicant like: disbursement of full tuition fees, return air travel, allowance of A$5000 for accommodation, text book purchase, study material and more. This program also provides basic living expense of about A$30000 per year to the eligible students.

To avail this scholarship, applicants need to sign a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia. All the eligible students need to leave Australia for minimum a period of two years after completion of their course, failure in doing so results in paying the total cost of scholarships to the governing body.

Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

This is a merit based scholarship program of the Australian government. Through this program, Australians can study or research overseas and Internationals students can also do the same in Australia. The aim of this grant is to create a robust image of Australian education system on the international stage as the liberal and superior provider of education and research. This program aims to pull talents from all across the globe to provide them an opportunity to increase their productivity and expertise in their field.

Even Some Platforms sponsor fully funded scholarships for talented students to help them hone their skills in related fields. For example, different football scholarships in Europe are offered to remarkable students. Similarly, many technological and scientific platforms offer scholarships to creative students in related fields, helping them to develop their creativity.

The awardee of this grant program gains invaluable international experience in terms of study, research and professional career development. The department takes care of many important things which concern a student while travelling abroad and thus provides various services that includes: a dedicated case manager, pre-departure briefings, health-advisory, travel insurance, security, accommodation, and many others. Overall, this grant provides a student full financial support to pursue a post-graduation or PhD either by coursework or research in any field of study in Australia.

Research Training Program Scheme

This scholarship is exclusively designed for students who are deeply focused on research area. This scholarship is available to both the native Australians and overseas students who applied for Research Doctorate and Research Masters degrees, known as higher degrees by research (HDRs). To apply for this scheme, students need to directly co-ordinate with participating universities since each university has its own selection process. This scholarship generally covers tuition fees, some financial help for general living, allowance needed to complete research degree and more. The aim of this grant is to assist students to make their dream come true by acquiring skills required to build careers in academia and other sectors of the labor market. Each year, RTP stipend rates get revised in the month of October and come into effect from 1 January. For this current year, the RTP stipend range is set from A$27,082 to A$42,307.

IWC Scholarships

International Water Centre (IWC) Scholarships offer full and partial scholarships to students who want to pursue Masters of Integrated Water Management.

In order to prepare experts in the field of water management, IWC offers partial scholarships of A$7,500 for domestic students and A$9,000 for international students along with return flight to Australia of up to A$2,250. This partial scholarship covers a part of tuition fees. This scholarship student can avail for full time (1.5 years) or in part time (extend to a period of 3 years). To get this assistance, a student has to receive an unconditional offer from Griffith University into the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management (or Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma course).

The Northcote Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is specially crafted for UK residents who want to pursue postgraduate degree in Australia. This grant program is governed by Britain-Australia Society on behalf of the Northcote Trust. This assistance program allows students to pursue any course at an Australian university for up to three years. Although students have to arrange their health cover and insurance on their own, this scholarship is still a great boon for those who come from underprivileged backgrounds as this scholarship provides students a return flight to Australia, academic fees or tuition fees and substantial quarterly living expenses during their learning journey. The application gets available for this grant from April to August.

Although the list is endless, but it does help students to choose a scholarship programs which they may fit into.

Ultimately, kindness in the form of scholarship is the best nourishment for humanity since people needs assistance not advice in the time of crisis. And if it is coming to transform someone’s life then it is truly considered as a greatest medium to propel humanity.

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