School of Agricultural Sciences, Malla Reddy University: Provisioning Superlative Pedagogical Facilities
Malla Reddy University
Malla Reddy University

India as a country is heavily inclined towards the agriculture sector. The country has agricultural sector act as a pillar for its development. With the rapid increase in population and the intense decrease of cultivable land, we have ended up focusing on the performance of agriculture to feed the dominating demand.

The improvised technology, though it provides comfort, is not sufficient for the survival of humankind. Developing sustainable means of agriculture for surplus production under the frequent climatic changes is the challenge posed to society.

An apt solution to surmount the ongoing adversities is to build a dynamic future generation to decipher befitting techniques and strategies to overcome these challenges.

The School of Agricultural Sciences, SOAS – a sub-campus under the umbrella of esteemed Malla Reddy University, Hyderabad is aimed at deriving this very purpose by providing efficient agricultural education.

The school began its inspirational journey in June-2020 with the stewardship of Dr A. Raja Reddy, Dean. The foundation of this institute started off with a team of 30 learned faculties to ascertain the provision of excellent agricultural knowledge to enthusiastic beginners. Currently, the same team has extended to an impressive number of 95, with 44 PhD and 51 M.Sc. graduates with intensive eligibility criteria.

To provide extensive knowledge of all the sectors of agriculture, the graduate course has been sorted out into 14 essential departments. The core requirements of each individual department laboratory were furnished with financial aid by the respected Chairman, Shri Ch. Malla Reddy Garu and dynamic Vice Chancellor Dr V. S. K. Reddy.

In order to inculcate the efficient essence of cultivating crops in students and to promote intensive research and development by the faculty, an area of 50 acres was allocated to the Agricultural College within the campus. Alongside, a portion of land is utilized to cultivate vegetables and fruits by organic means.

Eye on Excellence

To foster excellence, the School of Agricultural Sciences at Malla Reddy University leverages its fundamental mission to meet the need of the students by providing educational experiences in the field of agriculture necessary to develop their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success.

Based on student needs, the school mission focuses on offering a broad undergraduate and graduate curriculum consisting of tracks and concentrations in Agricultural Science, Agronomy, Plant Protection, Agribusiness Economics, Agricultural Education, Agricultural System Technology, Horticulture, and Animal Science. School of Agriculture also recognizes its vital mission to enhance the Agricultural, Educational, Economical, and Cultural opportunities for the people of its service region.

The school also emphasizes on its vision is to be a world-class university visualizing an excellent future for young aspirants with innovative nature, research culture, and ethical sensitivities to meet the global challenges of improving the quality of human life.

Core Values

  • To emphasize quality teaching to prepare technologically proficient, professionally competent graduates.
  • Amplifying the diverse knowledge of agriculture through classroom, experiential, and farm laboratory instruction.
  • Asserting noble standards in teaching the technical needs of agriculture to students.
  • To perform practical research and/or remain technologically proficient.
  • Fully equipped infrastructure for competitive learning by students.
  • Multi-disciplinary and experiential learning-based educational programme.


To be a world class university visualizing a great future for the young aspirants with innovative nature, research culture and ethical sensitivities to meet the global challenges improving the quality of human life

Paving Way with Sheer Dedication

The university caters to each and every jargon of eminence for which it inculcates values that is dedicatedly followed. Values Pertaining to the Course Objective/Expected learning:

  • To emphasize a primary commitment to students through quality teaching from wellprepared, technologically proficient, professionally competent faculty.
  • To provide ‘hands-on’ agricultural experience through classroom, experiential, and farm laboratory instruction.
  • To develop, maintain, and improve diverse, technologically current farm and programmatic laboratories that support the educational objectives of the department.
  • To provide public and university services to support the educational and technical needs of agriculture students and the agriculture industry of the service region.
  • To perform practical research and/or remain technologically proficient through involvement in research-oriented activities.
  • The agriculture programme is a multi-disciplinary and experiential learning-based educational programme that prepares students for productive courses in the diverse field of agriculture.

Leveraging Unique and Special Programmes

The administration has taken special initiatives to provide students with first-hand information and knowledge on agriculture by scheduling training and internships. The students are given internship opportunities at companies like Sahasra Seed Company, Heartfulness Kanha Hyderabad, etc. A one-year abroad internship opportunity is provided to the final year graduate students in association with ProLearn India Ltd.

Similarly, the faculties at the campus are organizing webinars and seminars on a regular basis to upgrade the current scenario of agriculture for the students. Advanced techniques such as drones, hydroponics, poly houses, and tissue culture are also applied practically within the college arena for better understanding. The college has also signed MoUs with recognized companies in the agricultural sector, KVKs, and national and international institutes like IIRR, ICRISAT, etc. This enables the fraternity to give external exposure to the research work taken up at the global level.

Due to the schools commitment to its mission, vision and values, the students are prepared for the upcoming future not only on a knowledge basis but also on a competitive basis. The students enjoy regular instructions on the vast available opportunities lined up in the Agri sector, like jobs at private organizations, government positions, higher education prospects, etc., to motivate them to plan their successful careers.

Determined Leader: Dr A. Raja Reddy

The pillar of this upcoming institution is its honourable Dean, of SOAS, Dr A. Raja Reddy. He is an eminent professor with a specialization in Entomology. He has served as a faculty for 32 years at Loyola Academy, Hyderabad. Throughout his tenure, many awards and publications were added to his credit. He is the pioneer in making the envisioned SOAS into existence as it is today.

Under the leadership of Dr A. Raja Reddy, the SOAS has taken the initial footsteps in providing agricultural education, and the future holds leaps for greater success. The success of the agricultural college is ensured by the teamwork of the entire fraternity at SOAS.

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