School of Law (SOL), Presidency University, Bengaluru: The Exemplary Education Hub for donning the Black Coats
School of Law

Lawyers are the guardians of the justice system of a country. Being a lawyer is not merely a vocation, it is a public trust. A lawyer sports a black coat because black is the colour of authority and power. Just like priests wear black to show their submission to God, lawyers wear black to show their submission to justice.

Teaching and guiding the aspiring law professionals are big responsibilities to say the least. A law school has to not only ingrain the knowledge, a vast array of skills, and various practices in the minds to students but also have to develop a sense of public responsibility and a moral fibre. To arm the next generation of proficient legal professionals, there is a law school in Bengaluru where aspirants go to in the hopes that someday, somehow, they will make a difference. Welcome to the School of Law (SOL), Presidency University, Bengaluru.

Built on a sprawling campus of over 65 acres with a salubrious, pollution-free ambience, the Presidency University has excellent infrastructure and outstanding academic fraternity drawn from reputed institutions like the NLUs, IIMs, IITs and leading international universities. Committed to quality and academic excellence, the university has redefined the learning process by adopting a state-of-the-art pedagogy and curriculum, which is built on academic content that is both global and contemporary.

Vision Statement:

School of Law prepares outstanding lawyers and legally trained professionals to serve their local, national, and global communities with excellence, integrity, and professionalism; and through its research and innovative teaching techniques and strives to contribute to the development of the law and a more just society.

Mission Statement:

Teaching and Student Development – School of Law provides an outstanding legal education for future leaders in our society. The school combines innovative teaching approaches with individualized and focused attention in a collegial and collaborative learning environment. The school ensures that its graduates have acquired the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to serve their clients and provide leadership in their local, national, and global communities. School of Law proactively assists in placing students on the path to success in a wide range of possible careers.

Refining Modern Legal Education

School of Law, Presidency University offers all courses in strict compliance with the regulations of the Bar Council of India (BCI). In addition, the industry demands are kept in mind while identifying the elective courses, honours papers and skill development courses. A balance has been maintained in structuring the lecture and practical hours considering the theoretical and practical structure of each of the courses thereby creating an industry-ready teaching-learning experience in the School of Law. The teaching fraternity who has the right industry and courtroom experience brings the required quality assurance for the same.

School of Law, Presidency University is planning to introduce the concept of a ‘flexible system’ in the course offering within the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) prescribed by UGC. Considering the needs of the industry/society, the university has also adopted the concept of “Outcome Based Education” as prescribed by the international/national accreditation agencies.

A new curriculum structure is designed for implementation for the students to be admitted from the academic Year 2021. The valuable feedback from the stakeholders has been obtained before structuring the CBCS.

The Scholarly Leader

Prof. Dr Mohammed Shamiulla Arab is a Doctorate from the University of Mumbai. He is an innovative and performance-driven professional offering 16 years of rich and qualitative teaching and six years of industry experience. He has taught courses of law viz., law of contracts, criminal law and criminology, arbitration, research methodology, international law, human rights, etc. and is a recognized PhD supervisor for PhD scholars. He has headed research centres in the Institute of Law, Nirma University. He is a visiting faculty at Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management (AIIM), Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

He serves as an external expert for the Department Council, School of Law & Justice, Adamas University, Kolkata and is an excellent organizer, motivator and a decisive leader with skills in public speaking, motivating students to excel and win. He has published many research papers in reputed national and international journals including journals indexed with Scopus, Web of Science, and UGC approved journals and has authored three books on contracts, arbitration, and criminology. Additionally, he has published editorial/opinion pages in prominent daily newspapers.

Becoming a Household Name

In its initial years some of the challenges faced by the School of Law, Presidency University was the creation of an identity as a centre of excellence in legal education. With the best faculty from premier law schools and a rigorous curriculum that meets the demands of the legal professions today, the institute has positioned itself among the top private universities in the country.

Training Grounds for the Black Coats

The School of Law, Presidency University is emphasizing on preparing the students to achieve all their career aspirations. The academic curriculum, learning environment, and skills acquired during the course are preparing the students to pursue their ambitions in the judiciary, law firms, corporates, government services, litigation and higher studies. Courses like cyber laws, sports laws, corporate finance laws, air and space laws, women and child right laws, international criminal law and infrastructure project laws are some of the courses taught to enable students to pursue a career of their choice.

The School of Law focuses on the higher semester students for internship opportunities with the top-most law firms in India. Presently the students are doing internships with such premier law firms. The dedicated team of internship coordination headed by a senior professor demystifies the conversion of pre-placement offers (PPO) from top-notch law firms.

The EdTech Solution

With the emerging technology and the prevailing situations especially during pandemic and the lockdowns, the faculty members and the management team have quickly engagingly adopted online classes. At all times of online engagements, the faculty members have not compromised on academic honesty.

The Edhitch platform used as LMS and the Knowledgepro used as the ERP for the university – this perfect system of assessments and evaluations of the students’ performances is possible only with the help of Presidency University’s technologically friendly faculty members.

Scaling the Future

With the implementation of the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS), the students’ autonomy and freedom can be exercised fully. There will not be an imposition system on the student instead it would be a choice-based credit system. Complete autonomy is given to students in choosing courses and to decide as to when he/she should study a particular course.

The School of Law team is on a mission to take the school to new heights of the top law schools in India.

Achievements and Accolades

The School of Law, Presidency University emphasizes much on the extracurricular and co-curricular activities of the students. Some of the major achievements of the School of Law are:

  1. Internship confirmations from topmost law firms in India.
  2. Hosting of the Prestigious BCI Moot Court Competition.
  3. Conducted two National Moot Court Competitions.
  4. International Seminar with UN.
  5. Moot Court Achievements.
  6. Research Achievements.
  7. Legal Aid Programme.
  8. Research Methodology Workshops.
  9. Faculty Development Programs on Arbitration in Construction Industry.
  10. Mediation Workshops.
  11. Expert Lectures by eminent personalities.

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