SEAS Global Institute: Virtual Schooling for Children with all Kinds of Learning Difficulties
SEAS Global Institute
SEAS Global Institute

Not every child has similar learning abilities or the same grasping power. Each child is unique with different learning abilities and if guided appropriately, these abilities can remarkably translate into lucrative careers. Few educators and parents understand the special needs of such children.

Breaking the shackles of the traditional education system and shattering myths associated with it, one school has stood out from the herd through its virtual schooling for children with different needs. Following the age-old tradition of home-schooling, this school has been able to transform the lives of many children who would have otherwise been lost in oblivion in a regular school. Welcome to the world of School Educational & Administrative Systems (SEAS). We had the opportunity to learn more about this school and its work.

Following are the excerpts from the interview:

Please tell us about the saga of your reputed institution/organisation since its inception.

With an experience of almost 25 years, SEAS, was formed on January 19, 2017, as School Educational & Administrative Systems. We started SEAS with a vision to help children cope up with all kinds of learning difficulties and providing schools with solutions to cope up with administrative system. On October 17, 2020, SEAS Global Institute was inaugurated by the then chief minister of Uttarakhand, Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat Ji. It was conceptualized keeping in view the changing trends and scenario of our education system, and NEP 2020 – the National Education Policy that changed after 34 years.

Brief us about the personality behind the success of the institution/organisation, and how he/she has helped in the branding process.

Ms. Reena Prakash Tyagi (Founder & Chairperson) established “The SEAS Global Institute” to set up a benchmark in the current school education system that is completely experiential and aids the overall holistic development of children. She is a trained and certified Special Educator, Counsellor, and Guide. She started her career in 1996, as a teacher and faculty for fashion designing at NIFD, and also at the Training Institute for Travel Trade, from 2000-2004. The turning point came in her life when she decided to enter school education. She has worked with a leading chain of Kindergarten from 2011-2016. She is a qualified and trained educationist, who has completed her education in various cities of India and abroad.

She completed her Certificates in Educational Administration and Management, English language and Grammar teaching, and teaching English Phonology from Asian College of Teachers, Kolkata. She possesses a Certificate in Teaching from the London College of Teachers and is certified in Recognizing and Supporting children with Special Education Needs (SEN) from Cache, UK. Her educational journey is still going on. She believes that “Learning is a

never-ending process, and we teachers are eternal learners.” She is a distinguished educationist with rich experience and has a number of national and international awards to her credit.

Reena firmly believes- “Every child is different and unique. Each child is born with special abilities, strengths, and capabilities. We as parents and teachers need to have the patience and tolerance to bring that hidden talent out and make them excel in this wonderful world. And they should be taught in a manner that will help them to “Engage, Innovate, Experience, Learn and Grow.”

Where does the ed-tech sector stand in the country today?

The ed-tech sector in our country is on a rapid growth after the announcement of NEP 2020. It means that our students have started embracing the New Normal. Nearly every school has been virtual, and if NEP is implemented as recommended, the ed-tech sector is bound to grow rapidly in the coming years.

What makes you stand apart from other institutions/organisations?

We are the first 100% Virtual Home-school, catering to children of all ages and Grades (K-12), focused on the Holistic Development of Children. Affordable fee structure, trained and qualified teachers, who are passionate about teaching, and always ready to learn. By engaging children in physical activities virtually, letting them innovate their own ideas, both parents and children are experiencing the positive change in their mental and physical wellbeing. They are learning through various pedagogies that are created specifically for children to be more focused, determined, dedicated, individuals all set to handle their lives as it comes, and grow out to be well balanced and responsible global citizens.

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