Dyatmika School: Developing Students as Responsible Citizens who Act Ethically
Sekolah Dyatmika
Sekolah Dyatmika

Education is not merely confined to the pages of a textbook or assignments and term-end examinations. It involves developing children as global citizens of tomorrow and inculcating in them good qualities, which would make them responsible, forward-looking people. Hence, it is a major responsibility of schools and other educational institutions to nurture children from the core, encouraging them to think deeply and take ethical decisions.

One such noteworthy institution in Indonesia is Dyatmika School. Established in 1995, it is a not-for-profit school founded by national and international parents over twenty-five years ago. While student numbers have grown from a single class to a student body ranging from playgroup to the graduating class 12, the school continues to have a community feel. Dyatmika School is embedded within Bali while being outward looking and welcoming.

Upholding Educational Quality

Dyatmika School offers brilliant educational programs which ensure the overall development of the students. It offers various educational programs namely – early childhood, primary school, and high school.

Dyatmika’s Early Years Programme is active, fun, and child-centred. Early years students are guided through rich learning tasks designed around thematic units. Activities are designed to foster:

– social and emotional skills

– fine and gross motor skills

– intellectual development

Each class is supported by highly skilled and experienced bilingual teachers and full-time teaching assistants, who use a holistic approach that encourages the development of language for young learners in both Indonesian and English.

The primary section of Dyatmika prides itself upon its genuine love for their students, not only from the staff body but from the community, and beyond. The teaching and learning programme of the school allows students to prepare for their future, whether it be in Indonesia or internationally. The curriculum has a strong focus on mathematics and language, both Indonesian and English, while also teaching about the wider world through engaging units of inquiry.

The high school section is committed to academic excellence, social and cultural integration, and continuous improvement in learning. Learning in this section is varied and enriching, covering the Cambridge curriculum in depth, while targeting each element of the Dyatmika Charter and Learner Profile.

Excellent Infrastructure

Dyatmika School not only provides high-level educational facilities of the highest level, but also offers cuttingedge infrastructural facilities. The school is situated on one large, attractive campus that overlooks rice fields and the Indian Ocean. All buildings are purpose built and take advantage of the views and fresh sea breezes. There are specialised areas for sports, science labs, computer rooms, art studios, a library, a study centre, music rooms, a canteen, gardens and play areas. Classrooms are fitted with teaching and learning technology, for example, interactive whiteboards and projectors. Wi-fi is available throughout the school.

The school offers numerous primary facilities, which include the following:

  • Purpose built music room
  • Sports field
  • Computer lab
  • Inspiring Library
  • Large all-weather playground and grassed playing fields
  • Covered, seated eating areas
  • Interactive white board in classroom

The high school facilities offered by Dyatmika School are as follows:

  • Sports field, sports hall, yoga/ dance studio
  • Three fully equipped computer labs
  • IT facilities in every classroom to support teaching and learning
  • Full Wi-fi coverage and 100mb internet
  • Three fully equipped science labs
  • Purpose built art studio
  • Purpose built music room
  • Music practice studios, and computer recording facilities
  • Inspiring library
  • Dedicated senior study library and resource centre
  • Canteen
  • Covered, seated eating areas

The school has a library which provides access to over 10,000 books in both English and Indonesian to support the curriculum and the bilingual programme. Students also have access to magazines, eBooks, and online encyclopaedias through the Follett Destiny online database. The library is created to be a comfortable and well-resourced space for students to read, research, work in groups and use the computer facilities for independent work.

Exploring the Extracurricular

Dyatmika School offers an extracurricular activities programme that allows the students to develop their interests and capabilities across a wide range of areas. Its academic and extracurricular programme combine to offer a quality education that sees students thriving during their time at Dyatmika School. They leave the school equipped to pursue further education, follow vibrant careers, and to live fully and well.

The Erudite Director

The personality leading Dyatmika School from the front is none other than Julie Browett, the Director. She has been the Director of the school for the past five years. During this tenure, she has worked with all sections of the school community to advance the school’s vision of Education for a better world and its ethos, expressed in the school’s charter.

Ms. Julie (B Ed, Grad Cert, Grad Dip, MEd) has held teaching and leadership roles in schools in Australia, Portugal, and Qatar. She was involved in the professional learning of teachers for many years facilitating courses, workshops, curriculum, and resource development at state and national levels in Australia. She also lectured in the Faculty of Education at the University of Tasmania. Ms. Julie is a published author and a speaker at education-focused conferences in Australia, SE Asia, USA, and Europe.

Nurturing Life-Long Learners

Being a not-for-profit school, Dyatmika School offers competitive fees in an expensive international education environment. Learning in the school is varied and enriching, covering the Cambridge curriculum in depth, while targeting each element of the Dyatmika Charter and Learner Profile.

It conducts stimulating and engaging lessons with an emphasis on continual improvement both for the students and the teachers. Each subject has clear schemes of learning which are shared with students and parents, so everyone knows the next steps in learning.

Preparing Students for Higher Education

Dyatmika School closely supports the students with university applications. Students from classes 9 to 12 have bi-weekly lessons covering topics such as career planning, university courses, application procedures, presentations, and interviews. Every student of classes 11 and 12 is assigned a specialist counsellor depending on their chosen path. These students meet their counsellor at least twice per term to build and prepare their university application.

Ensuring Overall Development of the Students

Dyatmika School’s policies and procedures have been designed to meet the personal, social, and academic needs of the students. It aims to promote a positive, safe, and supportive learning culture. There are many communication channels between the school and the parents to ensure that the students are supported in their behaviour and wellbeing. A school counselling program is available to students who require further support. The school’s authority understands that the students possess a range of abilities and talents in different areas. It gives them the opportunity to thrive and reach their potential.

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